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Thanks to my Reciprocal Droppers at EC!!!

6 June 2008 44 comments

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Link List in Alphabetical Order:
Aerten Art
A Hand Me Down Life
A Marketer's Ramblings
A Nice Place In The Sun
About Fly Fishing
Absolutely Mom's
According 2 Nessa
Advancing Health, Redefining Freedom
Alan Bamboo
All About Mye Life
America's Beach Bum
Angels on Your Shoulder
Angus Mhor
Anything and Everything in Between
Artbeat Inspirations
ArticleSnatch Blog
Article Specialist
Art in Millionminds
Australian Women Online
Automotive Information Blog
Avon Romance Blog
Azure Islands Designs
BMW Rules ... Beamer's Photo Blog
BaReFooTeD Me
Babygirl Boutique
Best of Ponsel Network
Better Interpersonal Communication
Billion Dollar Baloney
Blanca DeBree Blog
Blog Reviews by Joy
Blogging Guide
Bloody Computer!
Business & Entrepreneurship Opportunity
Can of Thoughts
Caught In The Stream
Celebrity Today!
Chelsea FC-True Blue
Chilled Tech
Chip Flip Jump
Christy DeKoning, Travels in Watercolor
CK Marketing
Come On In The Web Is Fine
Comics Legends and Lore
Condo Blues
Craft N Swap
Crest Whitestrips Review
Cromely's World
Custody, Divorce And The Court System
Dead Rooster
Debt Dieter
Designs By Vhiel
Diet Pulpit
Digital Polaroids
Dolly's Daily Diary
Doodle Week
Earn On The Side
Enchanted Crafts
Endangered Spaces blog
Entrecard Favorites
Entrecard Tutor
Fast? Vote!
Favorite Movie Scenes
Finance Banks Loans
First Door on the Left
Fix Your Life
Floating Lightbulb
Forced Green
FOOTBALL: Just Love The Game
Found Shit
Free 125 Cards
Free Advertising and Links
Free Comics Download
Free Software Download
From The Roads
Fruit Species
Gadgets Directory
Garden Gnome Wanderings
Get Rich Quick! Really?
Gewgaw Writings
Globally Rational
Greetje greets You
Guns Of Dublin to?
Hailey's Beats and Bits
Happy thoughts, happy tot
Hardware Drive
Hawksdomain's Photos
Health Nut Wannabee Mom
Health To Home
Holy Cuteness
Hot Dorkage
I Do Things
In The Life Of ...Mne
Information technology blog
Inside My Wild Mind
Internet Business Guide For First Class Progress
Internet Marketing Seminar Listing Service by Pam Hoffman
Is a mans world
James Created
Jillian Approved: Humor, News and Nonsense
Journal of Journey
Kiss My Style
Lapidary Queen Wannabees
Life encounters technology
Little Rock Jams
Livin' With Me
LizzyT Designs
Make Every Day Your Lucky Day
Make Money Online w/ Gusher
Man VS Wild
Manna from Heaven
Margie and Edna's Basement
Mariuca's Perfume Gallery
Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta.
Michael Aulia's Tech Blog
Mind Games for the Math Challenged
Mind Relaxing Ideas
Minna's Dollhouses
Modern Glam
Mother Of All MBA's
multiply themes
Music, News and Reviews
My Discoveries
My Road Less Traveled By
My Thermos
NE Patriots Draft
New York Nitty-Gritty
New York
Not Your Average SuperGoddess
Notorious Celebrities
Obscure History
Odd Vantage
One Caveman's Financial Journey
Orient Lodge
Our Journey to Forever
Out of the Pink Sky
Pheandy's Blog
Photography by KML
Pinay Mommy Online
PinoyTux Weblog
PlotDog Press WOOF Contest
Pounding Heartbeat
Practical Tips for Young Urban Professionals
Predator Press
Proud Mommy
Regina's Family Seasons
SEO Exposed
Sales Productivity Secrets
Say Cheese
Security And Privacy
Sensory Over Load
Share Avenue
Simply Crafting
Smadar's Treasure
So Now What?
Soul Meets World
Speedcat Hollydale
Steven Humour
Steve v4.6
Sticky notes
Stir The Cauldron
Students Views
Super Sabra
Superficial Gallery
SurfJedi's Musings
Surprisingly Insightful
Syndicated Elitist
Telecommuting Journal
Texas RV Travel blog
The Beacon
The Clamor of Kalinga
The Complete Cook Book
The Daily Ramble
The Fearless Blog
The Life and Times of a Magickal Mama
The Makeup Divas Blog
The Mommy and Me Boutique
The Painted Veil
The Realtor
The Spitting Vessel
The Success
The Truth About Lies
The Ups,Downs and Sometimes Insane World of Freelance Writing
The Wealthy Blogger
Thinking Home Business
This Side of Eternity
Toltec Insights with Dr. Susan Gregg
Totally Powered
Travelin' Show
Treasure Nature
Trip the Lady
Two Write Hands and Two Left Feet
Unforgettable Weddings
VampAmber's Clutter
Vhiel's Corner
Welcome To Earth David
Wishing On A Falling Star
Word Grrls
Wordpress Theme, Plugin, Tips and Trick
Wordpress Theme Designer
Work At Home Moms Online
Work at Home Mom Revolution
You Can Find Anything and Everything Here...
Zork Planet
amy lilley designs
celebrity blog
enigma // she's just a girl
happy steps
k_veer' s blog
life together starts
online money
shio's windows
xt3ch - information sharing

nb...sites with lowercase titles at the end of the list...

I am giving 25 ECs to anyone who wishes to link back to me..
leave a comment and your EC URL if you do I can send you the credits....

here is the code for my text link if you wish to add my link to your blog....



Anything and Everything in Between

Can of Thoughts

Designs By Vhiel


44 comments: to “ Thanks to my Reciprocal Droppers at EC!!! so far...

  • Lisa Lorenz 5.6.08

    Love the new icon Kim. I have to update my sites with this one. Hope you are doing well...xoxox Lisa

  • Kim 5.6.08

    thanks Lisa...
    I hope you don't have too many problems with your new PC ....
    I think I'm about due for an overhaul as mine keeps making funny sounds ..eek !!
    better start transferring some of my mammoth files....

  • Anonymous 6.6.08

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. And I would love to trade links with you. I have 4 blogs that I maintained:

    Can of Thoughts
    Designs By Vhiel
    Anything and Everything in Between
    Vhiel's Corner

    Let me know if it's alright to trade links so I can add your blog. :)


  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 6.6.08

    Hello Kim,

    Are you impatient with the advert results? LOL! This is certainly one way of building links, and many would be attracted to it, especially those who are new in Entrecard.

    Good luck! :-)--Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 6.6.08

    that would be great Vhiel...
    I will add your text links and put your very pretty badges in too...
    I'll be over to let you know when I've done it...
    thanks so much...and I'll send you 100 ECs too :)

    hi Durano..
    haaa not
    just thought I would try another angle :) :)
    and I know that YOU are linked to I will be sending you 25EC...
    now don't go spending it all at once hehehe ;)

  • Mariuca 6.6.08

    Hi Kim! Thanks for the linky love and it's a pleasure to drop my ECs here. Am saving up so I can advertise at ur blog again LOL!

    PS. I'd love to exchange links with u too for both my blogs. :):):)

  • Anonymous 6.6.08

    wow.. thanks for displaying my banners kim. :) i added your blog to all of my blogs.. ;)

  • Anonymous 6.6.08

    that's great Mariuca :)
    I'll have to save up for yours too ;)
    I'll send you 50 ecs :) :)

    hi Vhiel :)
    my pleasure and
    thanks so much :) :)

  • Jackie 6.6.08

    Thanks for the mention. And yes I would love to grab your link. But can I please grab it in the morning...well later this morning?

    It is very late here.

    Thanks for the mention.

    And I have something for you.


  • Mariuca 6.6.08

    Kim, thanks so much for the credits! I've added ur lovely blog to both of mine. Thanks again and have a good weekend. :)

  • Anonymous 6.6.08

    hi Jackie
    no problems :)
    I'll send you 25 ecs and check out your post...
    no need to link back to me as I know you have already linked to me lol..
    thanks for dropping by :)

  • Kim 6.6.08

    hi Mariuca..
    my pleasure :)
    thanksy :)

    you have a lovely weekend too :)

  • eastcoastlife 6.6.08

    Thanks for the linky love. :)

  • Anonymous 6.6.08

    Thank you so much for the link love, have a wonderful weekend!

  • Brett Mindrec Robertson 6.6.08

    Linked here:

    You can give my EC to Transfigure:

  • Kim 7.6.08

    you're welcome ECL...
    great to hear that your son is getting better..
    have a happy weekend :)

    hi Ada
    my pleasure and thanks for dropping by :)
    a great weekend to you too !!!

    thanks so much for your terrific review and the linky love Brett..
    I'll be sending ECs your way... :))

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 7.6.08

    Hello Kim,

    There was no need to send the 25 ECs as we are already linked to each other.:-) I just posted the comment to wish you luck on the activity you selected.

    I'll send it back to you. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 7.6.08

    Hello Kim,

    thanks for the link love!
    actually, you're on my entrecard daily drop list. ;)

    added your blog to my worldwide links list already. ciao!

  • Anonymous 7.6.08

    Hi Kim,

    I already link you ...:)
    Happy weekend by the way.....


  • Anonymous 7.6.08

    I havbe no idea about what this is about. Like when I wore a tuxedo to the nudist colony.


  • Kim 7.6.08

    oh there's no need Durano :)
    I knew that you had linked to me already ;)
    thanks for your kind gesture :)
    have a great weekend ...

    hi Carey..
    thanks very much..will send you the ecs :) :)

    thanks so much Vink :)
    a sunny weekend to you too :) :)

    hi John...
    lol..I can just picture that!!...
    you must have been the centre of attention ;) :0

  • JD at I Do Things 8.6.08

    Hey, thanks for the link love! I'm going to do something like this for my EC regulars. Stay tuned!

    JD at I Do Things

  • Alexys Fairfield 9.6.08

    Hi Kim,
    I am adding your link. Nice blog. :D

  • Kim 9.6.08

    great JD!!!
    I will :)

    thanks Alexys
    I've added you and am sending ecs :)

  • A Marketer's Ramblings 10.6.08

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for adding me in your list of EC reciprocal droppers.

    By the way, I tagged you in a campaign only to find out that you have a banner for it though.

  • Kim 10.6.08

    you're welcome MR :)
    and thank you ..
    have sent credits :) :)

  • IWS 13.6.08

    Hi there..

    I want to exchange links please. In fact, i already add yours. Here is my link FOOTBALL: Just Love The Game

    Thanks and have a great day.

  • Kim 13.6.08

    thanks r1ooooo
    I'll add you to my EC list and send you the credits :)

  • Anonymous 14.6.08

    hello kim,

    I just move my blog to a custom domain, so now I am blog hopping to ask fellow bloggers who have traded links with me to update it to the new url.

    If you could update the url from:


    The title is the same, just the url..I do appreciate it and enjoy your weekend. Thanks!


  • Kim 14.6.08

    hi Vhiel...
    will do ...
    have a great weekend too :)

  • Beamer 14.6.08


    Tis I the one and only Beamer enjoying your site again. Have a great Night. Later.


  • Kim 14.6.08

    thanks for calling by Beamer !!
    and the link back too:)
    sending you the credits :)
    have a great day :)

  • Over The Top Aprons 18.6.08

    Kim, thanks for visiting my blog. You have a very interesting blog and I will join the "feed". Also, I would love to exchange links. Forgive my ignorance but I am rather new to all of this. Do I just copy your code, put in in my blog links and now give you my url? I do not have a "code".

    Loved the feature about your son and wife. Beautiful and informative.

  • Kim 18.6.08

    hi Mommy
    you have already linked to me in your shout out and I have added you to my list ;)
    thanks for calling by and your comment :)
    ps have sent you the credits too ;)

  • 18.6.08

    Hi Kim,
    I have added your link to my blog

    Please add my link to your blog :)
    Thanks Kim .... :)

  • Kim 19.6.08

    thanks Ponsel :)
    I've added yours and sent you the credits :)
    have a great day !!

  • Anonymous 5.7.08

    added your link....happy weekend!

  • Kim 5.7.08

    thanks Proud Mom
    I'll send you the ECS
    have a great weekend :)

  • Anonymous 10.8.08

    Hi, I'd like to exchange link too, already added your link on my 3 blogs
    multiply themes
    Journal of Journey
    hope you'll add me too

    thanks, have a great day :)

  • Kim 10.8.08

    hi Marviepons
    I've added your blogs too and will send ecs..have a great Sunday :)

  • Anonymous 3.9.08


    Can you link me up too? I already added you to my blogroll. I also added you to my favorites so I can drop on you everyday. :) Thanks in advance.

    Here's the link to my blogroll:

  • Kim 3.9.08

    hi Paula ..will do..
    thanks for adding me :) :)

  • Anonymous 21.11.08

    Thanks for the post. How do you choose new blogs to read?

  • mmlkl 22.2.09

    türkei urlaub
    istanbul reisen

    thanks a lot

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