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31 August 2007 18 comments

I have deleted the dangerous email warning as it was a hoax !!!!!
here are the links for further information:




18 comments: to “ AVERT HOAX Notice!! so far...

  • Anonymous 31.8.07

    Funny thing, JB. I was just talking about Norton early this morning. It's a piece of work and has always been a piece of work.

    Removing it requires a special program called, "Kill Norton". I've not ever had it nor will I ever have it. It's been my thoughts that Norton themselves creates much of these problems so that its product gets purchased. You know, the law of supply and demand type of mentality. Then there is greed, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    Glad that it's finally complete, JellyBean?

  • Kim 31.8.07

    yeah JB
    I used to have I have Mcavee.......which is better :)
    yeah...I know what you mean ...blah...blah...blah... :D
    haha....finished?....this morning I see that I still have a bit of final glazing and the signature of course....eek eek eek !!!!
    she shrieks....running round the room like a banshee with it's head cut off !!!!

  • Anonymous 31.8.07

    she shrieks....running round the room like a banshee with it's head cut off !!!!"

    What a vision! Now that's all I'm seeing with my third eye. Plus, I can see me selling popcorn, peanuts, and candy on the side with chits n giggles to go. ^5

  • Kim 31.8.07

    hoo hoo hoo....
    now I can see you there JB
    what vivid imaginations we have :D
    hve put my head back on and I'm glazing :)

  • Anonymous 31.8.07

    i currently use norton and i use mozilla firefox hope it is safe

  • Lisa Lorenz 31.8.07

    OH MY GOSH...Kim, this is terrible. Thanks for advising us. I will let my family and friends know about this dreadful thing

  • Kim 31.8.07

    hi Maher
    I hope you are too :)
    I'm not an expert on these programs...but I think it's a good that we are alerted to these terrible viruses ...

    hiya Lisa...
    it is awful!!!!
    I usually open all my email without thinking....I will be very careful from now on :0

  • Anonymous 1.9.07

    Thanks for the warning - had never heard of it so was glad for the warning!

    I use the Norwegian Norman anti virus program and are hoping for the best!

  • Kim 1.9.07

    hi Renny
    you're was a bit confusing there at one stage.....and thanks to the experts over at blogcatalog who told me that the warning itself was a hoax....

  • Anonymous 1.9.07

    Yea, I've never used Norton it's a dinosaur. I also have happy finger and tend to delete all my email pretty fast, without reading it, especially if I don't know who it's from.

    I use a free virus program which works better than any of the paid programs I used to have.

  • Kim 1.9.07

    I've heard that there are some good free virus programs that are excellent Cooper...
    thanks for your comment :)

  • NIHAL 1.9.07

    Hi Kim,

    I think this is quite common, they always use such tactics to make life that bit difficult for us and then try to sell us a product in return, gotta agree with Saboma.

    A lot of programmers and tech geeks nowadays use more of AVG rather than Norton as they say that it's "too heavy" and slows everything down in your PC, wonder how much truth there is to it?

    Personally, having installed Mozilla Firefox added with AVG, makes life a bit safer:)

  • Kim 1.9.07

    hi Nihal
    A lot of this security stuff is above my head....I kmow I have Ad Aware, McAfee and I have IE7.....
    sounds like you have it all covered :)

  • Anonymous 1.9.07

    Hi Kim,

    Wouldn't touch Norton lol, and removal I have covered in my PC Security blog as part of the full ZoneAlarm installation.

    There are a lot of nasty emails around at present which contain a pretty destructive Trojan....I also did a post on that. Best advice is to delete any emails from unknown sources, do not click on any links and keep ant-virus up to date with real time scanning function.

    BTW finished piece looks superb.

    Take care, catch you later
    Colin :)

  • Kim 2.9.07

    I will have to check out your post Colin.....
    thanks for the compliment :=)

  • Unknown 3.9.07

    Very lovely portraits Kim you are truly talented! I noticed Deborah right away!Good day Sunshine to you!

  • Unknown 3.9.07

    speaking of NOrton I had to have it removed from my computer because it was doing very funny things ~ my local cable company sent me the Norton removal program

  • Kim 3.9.07

    thanks Christina
    looks like Norton has a really bad reputation......
    have a lovely day :)

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