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Third Clue for Free Art Print !!!!!

8 August 2007 6 comments

Here is the third section of the mystery drawing.....

So far there are four contenders for the mystery prize for creative responses and they are:

ps last clue tomorrow.....


6 comments: to “ Third Clue for Free Art Print !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 8.8.07

    Maybe my eyes are too tired, it's 1 am so I will have a proper look tomorrow.....but at the moment i don't know if I'll get away with this one :o)

    On the left if you look closely at the dark area you can make out a head with jaws open, Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street has returned and is looking at body parts on the looks like the cesspit that politicians live in, why there's a wolf, a mans head wearing a flat cap, a finger pointing upwards giving the one finger salute, a cat, all living in a grey world. Ah, there's also a very faint X just to the left of centre, so maybe X marks the spot.....hidden treasure to be revealed in the final instalment :o)
    We wait with baited breath lol

  • Kim 8.8.07

    OMG Colin
    what a response......and your eyes are tired????
    ROFL.......I bet you dream in technicolour too!!!!
    haha the final instalment WILL reveal ALL... so may the best blogger win :]]
    the whole drawing is off to the framers today.......and now all I need is a title........perhaps "Nightmare on Elm Street"?? or "X"????

  • One Wacky Mom 8.8.07

    It's a's a I think it's a bird!!!!!!!

  • Kim 8.8.07

    haha Ev :)
    good guess.....superman .........
    actually the "type" of subject in this drawing was a star in a big movie !!!!

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    Speaking of a star in a big movie, I'd like for you to join in with me in celebration both Kim and Charlotte's birthdays starting here

    Happy Birthday, Girls!

  • Kim 9.8.07

    haha JB
    thank you thank you
    love ya party and the blonde jokes are hysterical !!!!!!

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