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Family Art

29 August 2007 14 comments

My Dear Dad was a part-time artist (encouraged by Sir William Dobell)...both my son..Alexander and my daughter Charlotte have both won numerous art awards...(though neither will probably make art their careers)
and it looks like....the tradition is being carried on by
my nephew...Bryson....who recently gave my daughter this wonderful drawing of a cat for her birthday.......
Bryson ....12....attends art classes privately and is doing exceptionally well in art at school too......

Cat Portrait framed by FRAME 'N' ART

and on a different note....I couldn't help agreeing with this letter that I found in my filing cabinet...(filed under "teenagers") Mum gave me the clipping a few years ago...

Thanks Mum.....


14 comments: to “ Family Art so far...

  • Anonymous 29.8.07

    I think I like this judge!

    Though, it doesn't just go for teenagers. People in general are getting lazy! They think the whole world owes them something, and yet they do nothing to help themselves or anyone else!

    Anyway, take care Kim;

  • Kim 29.8.07

    I agree Anna...
    a judge with some good down-to-earth basic advice.....
    this is a mini motivator for everyone....young and old....:D

  • Anonymous 29.8.07

    Now if only there were more judges like that today!!

    As Anna has said, many people do have the attitude that the world owes them something.
    Sorry people, the world owes you nothing, zilch, nada! You want it? Earn it, and help others along the way!

    Nice post Kim :)

  • Kim 30.8.07

    too true Colin....
    seems like a lot don't know the meaning of a hard days work........

  • BoydGreeneArt 30.8.07

    Congratulations to Bryson. Even if a child doesn't pursue art later on I feel it adds one of the most valuable learning skills you can attain. Tom Peter's one of the world's top business thinkers says creativity and design will dominate the business world the next 40 years.

    Tell Bryson I love his cat and I cannot thank my mom and dad for all the chores I had growing up. Push mowed a 4 acre yard. Mowed elderly people's yards. A graveyard. Gardened. Worked at a Christmas Tree Farm from the sixth grade till I was 23. I couldn't imagine myself without it.

    Great post.

  • Kim 30.8.07

    well that's interesting...Boyd
    I will have to look Tom Peters up as I haven't heard of him.... certainly had a variety of jobs.....working in a graveyard !!!
    now that would be interesting....I love reading headstones and the fascinating history on them...
    haha push mower....tried that once on my parents' property....never again!!!!

  • Anonymous 30.8.07

    Hey kim i am agree with u...

  • Kim 30.8.07

    ah.... thanks....Meditation....

  • Lisa Lorenz 31.8.07

    Ah Kim, Byron's cat portrait is just smashing. Love it! I love cats and he did a wonderful job. Man he already has a style at his age. This is wonderful. He has to pursue this. You are just one big talented family! Love it!

    Looks great in Charlotte's room. I lover her little stand too.

    oh and that clipping from your mom was great.

  • Kim 31.8.07

    haha Lisa...that's quite a compliment coming from the cat expert....I will tell Bryson :)
    Mum gave Charlotte the stand for her birthday to go with the French Provincial furniture in her bedroom....and of course Charlotte loves your French Provincial floral paintings....:)
    yeah the clipping is a classic isn't it....I'm going to put it on the fridge permanently LOL

  • Jaya 31.8.07

    Hah! I work with teens,
    and I'm going to print
    this out and post it for
    them to read!

  • Kim 31.8.07

    Ah yes Jaya...
    that's a great idea !!!!!

  • Sueblimely 14.9.07

    What a wonderful down to earth article. I believe we as parents have a responsibility to develop the right attitude and expectations in our children but often fail because of a desire to give them whatever we are able - which today is far more than ever before.
    Some people go through life with the attitude that they are owed something - an attitude that does not lead to happiness.

    My father, sister and brother had the 'art gift' - I must have inherited the 'stick figure art' gene instead.

  • Kim 15.9.07

    I agree Sue
    kids nowadays....have so much more....
    and of course it's so easy to spoil them.....
    haha Sue....stick figures are very in with the art critics at present....
    my Mum says that she is the stick art member of our family.....but she has a wonderful talent for cross stich and patchwork quilts...

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