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"A guilty conscience needs to confess.

22 August 2007 8 comments

A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

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I have to confess that the portrait of Irina Baronova
is coming along very slowly.....
I have spent the last two days uploading a favicon of my painting ...
"Girl with a Pearl Earring" into my address bar.....
and now to add it to my other blog... PoeARTica ........

If you want to make and upload your favicon in less than 15 minutes go to......



step by step instructions in the HELP section..........

thanks Mary Ann for inspiring me with your favicon.....


8 comments: to “ "A guilty conscience needs to confess. so far...

  • Lisa Lorenz 22.8.07

    She's wonderful Kim! just outstanding work! as always..big hugs..and have fun!

  • Kim 22.8.07

    thanks Lisa
    still a long way to go.....will have to go to an artists retreat like yours for a couple of days if I don't get on with this and several others...all crying out to be finished...... :-D
    happy painting :)

  • Anonymous 23.8.07

    I like your favicon, Girlykins. Dang, you do good work. How on earth do you see it in IE7? I am unable to see favicons in IE. When I'm using Netscape, Firefox, or Opera, it's easy peazy to see favicons.

  • Anonymous 23.8.07

    Wonderful portrait Kim, so full of life and richness....just awesome :o)

  • Kim 23.8.07

    I don't know MA :D
    it's a mystery to me and I keep thinking that it might magically disappear when I'm not looking :D

    thanks Colin
    you're very kind :)

  • Anonymous 24.8.07

    Thanks for the update on the painting. It looks amazing. So much life and personality. I can't wait to see it finished. It has such strength to it.

  • Anonymous 24.8.07

    Thats a pretty favicon :) and I need one so badly! Oh the portrait is looking better and better! :)

  • Kim 24.8.07

    thanks Boyd
    I have had a pretty dry spell as of late...perhaps it's the new easel...and my reluctance to get any paint on it :-D

    hiya Pearl....
    what's up ????
    making a favicon is a cinch at my favicar....your avatar would look excellent !!!!!!

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