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First Clue for Free Art Print !!!!!

6 August 2007 11 comments

Here is the first section of the mystery drawing......


11 comments: to “ First Clue for Free Art Print !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 6.8.07

    I really like this seagull flying over ocean cliffs, Kim. It's absolutely perfect.

    I wannntttt it!

  • Kim 6.8.07

    ROFL MA....
    I love your interpretation here.....I'm looking at this snippet in a whole new light....and yes I can see the seagull.....and the cliffs.....looks like I'll have to trick you with the next section and turn it upside

  • Anonymous 6.8.07


    I told ya I have not one clue about art or art history. Maybe I'm better at deciphering psychological exams using ink blots?

  • Kim 6.8.07

    ahh yes MA
    but that proves you are a visual you could end up top of the class guessing what this drawing is :0

  • Anonymous 7.8.07

    [...]"that proves you are a visual you could end up top of the class guessing what this drawing is"[...]

    That idea alone could be veeeerrrrrrrry skeery, JB. And I digress.

    I wantttt this print! I'll make ya such a deal that you can't refuse it, hehehe.

  • Kim 7.8.07

    hehehe MA
    your enthusiasm is killing me :} :]

  • One Wacky Mom 7.8.07

    It's my's what I pretend my mind to be...

  • Anonymous 7.8.07

    Hi Kim,
    Now looking at the second clue I'd day it was either a giant stone rolling down on spam or maybe it's just the cobwebs in my mind lol but then I looked at the first clue and it reminded me of a pteradactyl swooping over a sun-kissed beach hahaha

  • Kim 7.8.07

    a very lateral answer Ev :]
    this could you mean that you have a lot ....or .....a little on your mind :)...depending on which way you are looking at the positive and the negative spaces :]
    (am I starting to sound like an amateur psychiatrist or what ???)

    I can understand your issues with spam
    perhaps some brainstorming with Ev on the cobwebs could help :)
    as for the "pteradactyl swooping over a sun-kissed beach".......
    now that's one creative interpretation....:0
    you'll be giving Saboma a run for her money....

  • Thereyoucome 8.8.07

    hihi, I saw a man is looking from behind. Sky and earth, and out space, my favourite

  • Kim 8.8.07

    hi Thereyoucome
    thanks for your thoughts...I can see your's very imaginative :)....have a great day and thanks for visiting :)

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