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Dobell Drawing Prize 2007

23 August 2007 11 comments

Dupain, Max, 1911-1992.
Portrait of William Dobell 1942
photograph : gelatin silver ; 38.7 x 38 cm.

The Dobell Prize is Australia's most prestigious drawing prize and since its establishment in 1993 has attracted the very best in contemporary drawing.

Sponsored by the Sir William Dobell Foundation.

It was announced today at the Art Gallery of New South Wales that
ANA POLLAK is the winner of the 2007 Dobell Prize for Drawing
for her sensitively realised and restrained landscape drawing Mullet Creek.

Click here to view the winning work.

Dobell Prize for Drawing 2007 - Exhibition
24 August 2007 – 4 November 2007


11 comments: to “ Dobell Drawing Prize 2007 so far...

  • Lisa Lorenz 23.8.07

    Hi Kim, I am confused I clicked the link and i see a white box with scribbles. Is that the painting????? Oh my!!!

    ps....I know a girl named Kim, that would have produced something beautiful!!!!! and worth looking at!

  • Lisa Lorenz 23.8.07

    I do love that pic of mr. dobell...very sexy he was! lol

  • Kim 23.8.07

    ROFL Lisa
    yeah that's it !!!!! :-0
    I'll be interested to see it IRL....when I go down to the gallery to pick up the "Pig"

    Sir William was very debonaire wasn't he....though he preferred to hang out at the pub with his mates...who called him Bill :-D

  • Anonymous 23.8.07

    I'd hang out with Bill in the pub any day of his choice, Kim.

    I'd even rack the billiards table and shoot a few balls just to see what he could do with them. Then again, I bet that girlies weren't allowed in the bars then---BooHooo!


  • Kim 23.8.07

    haha ohhh yeah MA
    you would have a great time down at the Wangi Wangi pub (club)...they're not sexist there :-D...and I bet you'd give them a run for their money too !!!!

  • Anonymous 24.8.07

    Very interesting Kim. Thanks for sharing. It is nice to get to know all the different things around the world going on to promote art. In the U.S. it is art auctions. Especially Western and Native American. They put down wildlife art then Civil War art and don't look to be slowing down but gaining even more ground. Astounding. Thanks again for sharing.

  • Anonymous 24.8.07

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  • Kim 24.8.07

    hi Boyd
    following the art auctions is fascinating and I imagine the US would be at the top...I know they have some great art competitions...
    thanks for dropping in Boyd :)

  • Kim 24.8.07

    hi Edward
    I had to modify your comment as I think the link was causing an error in my recent comments....sorry I checked out the site....but the pop ups are a worry....and when I inserted the code (which I have removed)...I was getting page error warning...and my recent comments box is not showing.....
    hope you are well ....have a great day.. :)

  • Anonymous 24.8.07

    Hi Kim
    Very interesting art you got on your blog. Keep going! Cheers from Fruity

  • Kim 24.8.07

    thanks Fruity
    I started to get very hungry when I went over to your have some yummo fruit there :-D

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