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Second Clue for Free Art Print !!!!!

7 August 2007 10 comments

Here is the second section of the mystery drawing......

I have a special bonus mystery gift for the most creative interpretation of each section....
so far Mary Ann @ Maryannaville™ is winning........hehehe.....

I saw Santa at My Blog Log........last night!!!!!!!!


10 comments: to “ Second Clue for Free Art Print !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 7.8.07

    Santa at Mybloglog? Isn't it to early for Christmas?

  • Kim 7.8.07

    haha Rose...not for me.... :) :)

  • Anonymous 7.8.07

    I dunno if I like this or not, JB. In this section, it looks as if I'm a type of voyeur behind a huge boulder looking at a person laying on a blanket near a lake or sumpin. It's almost like an old spaghetti western I've watched sometime or another in one of my past lives...


    ..or maybe its a flashback telling that I may have done one too many hallucinogenics in one of those past lives, maybe?

  • Kim 7.8.07

    ROFL.....spaghetti can't fool me ....MA....
    this is good .....your imagination is've got me looking at this drawing in a whole different light........:} :0

  • Anonymous 7.8.07


    I told ya this imagination stuffola ain't too good fer me to do. I'm just a bit left of center field regarding art, yanno.

    I better stick with Rorschach. We understand one another.

  • Kim 7.8.07

    if you can understand ink blots...then tomorrow's clue will be a breeze for ya...... :}

  • Anonymous 7.8.07

    "tomorrow's clue will be a breeze for you"

    To be real transparent here, everyday's a breeze fer me, JB. Especially when I get outta the way of it and let it take its natural course.


  • Kim 7.8.07

    haha MA......I know what ya mean.....:]

  • Christy 7.8.07

    I saw Santa at mybloglog too and I ended up as a Co-Author of Santa's community blog. Can you believe it? Finally my intense love of Christmas is paying off!

    I came by to tell you that you are the featured reader at Christy's Coffee Break, so your link will be up at the top of the blog for a couple of days.

    Take Care! :)

  • Kim 8.8.07

    Good for you Christy :)
    I can see you in one of those bright red hats with a white pom pom :)
    thanks so much for featuring me too...
    Santa is lucky to have you on board !!!!! :-X

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