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Irina Baronova finished !!!!

30 August 2007 11 comments

Irina Baronova crop

on the easel
close up before I darkened areas of the background ......

oil on canvas on board

3' 6" x 4' 6"

Collection of Irina Baronova 2007


11 comments: to “ Irina Baronova finished !!!! so far...

  • BoydGreeneArt 31.8.07

    Wow Kim, you finished sooner than I thought. Burning the midnight oil?

    The face is amazing. Soft yet strong. She has to be an amazing lady.

    Sounds cliche, but it is one of the most interesting paintings I've ever seen.

    What you have done kind of reminds me of something I would do.

    I love it and congratulations on a completed and finished masterpeice.

    I like your choice of frame as well. Thanks for sharing the completed painting I was afraid you might not.

  • Anonymous 31.8.07

    Veeeeeery very nice, dahlink.

    Kin ah have yer autograph before the price goes up on it? ~:o)

  • Kim 31.8.07

    thanks Boyd
    Irina is a legend in the Ballet world...and you can see her in the videos at the bottom of this page....she is the star of the film Ballets Russe and has authored a book called 'Irina' - Ballet, life and love.....

    the challenge for me when painting a portrait is always going outside the square.....
    I really like the portrait to be unique.....and hopefully work as a "painting" as well as a portrait
    thanks for your critique Boyd :)

    thanks muchly JB!!!! autograph is terrible....I always dread finishing a painting because it usually takes me a couple of days to work out where to sign it.....a signature (for me) just as important as the painting :)

  • Lisa Lorenz 31.8.07

    thump....bang...smash...Thats me falling off my chair. Kim! My did it again. What a gorgoues painting. So cool how you did it in peek holes liek that. So original. LOVE the red. And Irina's face is stunning..You caputured her magnificently! Love her sparking blue eyes. She must be such a woman to meet. Love the scarf too cropped like that. Just dazzling mate! Oh and the black frame will be gorgeous! Woohoo..I am dancing a jig for you over here. Bravo! I love it! I cant wait for her to see it. big hugs nad all my best for a great must be thrilled and proud! xoxox Lisa

  • Kim 31.8.07

    LOL Lisa...
    I hope you didn't hurt yourself....
    thanks so much for your critique :)
    I have been giving the portrait a final glaze today...and fixing just a few tiny things haha....
    and I have signed it!!!!
    I am going to get some good photos tomorrow....out on the balcony in available light...
    I have been a long time finishing Irina's portrait (nearly 2 years)...but I think it has been worth it.....
    haha and you have been on the journey with me right from the start...:-X) (hugs)
    I'm having a celebratory drink over here LOL
    you have a great weekend too Lisa !!!

  • Jaya 31.8.07

    Very Powerful.
    I like it enormously.

  • Kim 31.8.07

    thanks so much Jaya :) :)

  • Anonymous 1.9.07

    OH, I'm glad I jumped over here - for the first time :-)

    What a wonderful portrait! I love it! Really colorful and powerful. You're very talented. I like your style.

    ...and on top of that: it really matches your blog layout! *giggles*

  • Kim 1.9.07

    thanks Captain Lifecruiser... :)
    yeah I make sure that all my paintings match up with my blog LOL......very observant of you !!!

  • Anonymous 1.9.07

    Hey Kim, awesome job, keep up the great work. How long did it take you to complete it?

  • Kim 1.9.07

    hi Derek...
    that's a tricky question because I started this portrait nearly 2 years ago.....but I have not worked on it for long periods of time (months).....
    in hours I would guess about 40 :)

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