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Final Clue for Free Art Print !!!!!

9 August 2007 18 comments

Here is the fourth and final section of the mystery drawing.....

hint they fit together like a jigsaw.......

I will post the whole drawing here tomorrow :)

the first person to comment on this post

with the correct answer will win the free art print

happy guessing everyone !!!!!!

and may the best blogger win !!!!!!!


18 comments: to “ Final Clue for Free Art Print !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    Hey.. I think I got it :) Is it a Pig???? a Hog? tell me tell me I want that painting!!! :)

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    is it Wilber???

    I just went through the comments and figured out ... i think its Wilber

  • Pearl 9.8.07

    my spellings - WilbUR haha

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    GOSH... Is it just me around here today?? well, I called in sick so Im home catching up on all my friends ..

    Just checked out the Birthday Video and the jokes at maryanville :) Saboma is really funny....:)

    Wishing you both many happy returns of the day and many years of health, wealth and happiness! enjoy... we'll cut the cake in our part of the world... :)

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    So is it a pig or not? I can't make it out. If it's a pig Pearl has a great eye.

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    This ole chicklet is posilutely and absotively clueless. But what's new, other than today and tomorrow are both special days.


  • Kim 9.8.07

    Whoo hoo Pearl !!!!
    congratulations you have worked it out and you have won the print !!!!
    clappies...and (hugs)
    YOU ARE RIGHT......IT'S A PIG !!!
    I was thinking along the lines of Babe the pig...but Wilbur is a more up to date good on ya little winner you !!!!!!
    email me your address and I will put YOUR print in the mail asap ....
    thanks for the birthday wishes
    we are going out to the resort for lunch.....
    I will post the whole picture here soon well as the other bonus mystery prizes which will go to Mary Ann and Colin (for their creative responses)

    hi Jack
    yes's a pig...and Pearl obviously has a talent for fitting the pieces together haha
    the last clue is upside down...soooo Pearl could have stood on her head...which means that she is prepared to go to any length to win........a girl after my own heart......:)

    hi Chicklet !!!!
    not to have won a mystery prize......haha...will post a picture of it soon...
    thanks for your birthday greetings..... ((hugs)) and kisses to ya from both of us !!!!!!

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    Ok here goes again lol

    Well it's not a pteradactyl is it hahaha, it's a pig, and it sure isn't Babe from the movie either lol.
    2007 is also the Chinese year of the pig. For the Royal Australian Mint this was the start of a new series celebrating the 12 zodiac symbols of the Chinese calendar and the pig was the first of it's kind and was also presented in traditional good fortune colours of gold and red.
    So my guess is that this painting represents just that, the Chinese Year of the Pig 2007 as celebrated by the Royal Australian Mint.

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    And Many Happy Returns, hope you have a great Birthday celebration, along with good fortune, good health and much happiness.

  • Kim 9.8.07

    haha Colin
    fascinating background think I'm learning all this information about the Royal Australian Mint from you over there in the UK.......ahhh the power of the internet.....and I didn't even know it was the Chinese year of the pig......
    many thanks for your birthday wishes too !!!!
    I'm posting your mystery prize soon....congratulations for being a creative comments contributor :))

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    LOL that was some sick day :) I had the worst migraine and was home all day but still stayed on the net catching up... with ice on my head :)

    I could tell from that upside down half leg there ... once I wrote that first comment I thought I should atleast read what people had been guessing .. and your comment that the subject was a star and that word peaceful sorta confirmed it :)

    so jumped Wilbur in mind ... will email you the address... hope you both had a wonderful day ... wooohooo I'm gonna put this master piece on ma website now ...:)

    *HUGS* cya..

  • Kim 9.8.07

    hey Pearl
    I hope your headache is would make a terrific detective ......inspector Pearl !!!!!!

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    my headaches is better but I dont wanna go back to work lol

    I was just working in the kitchen and smiling when it crossed my mind that it shoulda been easy to guess, from Charlotte's web :-) that was a clever contest though... :) detective princess would probably be unique and evil lol

  • Kim 9.8.07

    actually Charlotte's web didn't cross my mind....but Babe did...and to think a friend over here just pointed out that Wilbur is a male and so is Babe....
    haha have a great day.....:)

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    I can't wait to see what you have hidden from us.

  • Kim 9.8.07

    lol Boyd
    have just posted it !!!!!

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    Haha, that Pearl girl is fast! I was looking at everything before reading these comments and guessed pig myself :-)

    But I had no clue as to who the 'famous' pig could have been ... I have heard of the movie Babe tho.

    Pearl's a lucky girl ... she'll find out just how lucky she is when she sees it up close and personal!

    This was a great idea for fun Kim, love what you did with it :-)

    And Happy B-day to vous!!! Hope you're havin fun!

  • Kim 9.8.07

    haha Deborah
    just as well Pearl isn't a cowgirl....cause she'd be the fastest gun in the west....
    thanks a million for your screaming banshee e card....
    Mary Ann sent me the cutest doggie birthday puzzle e card....gosh I feel have such great buddies....
    GTG get ready for lunch OR I will be shot by the family !!!! :0

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