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Africa - Stage II and lll

17 December 2007 7 comments

Stage lll

Stage ll

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I have blocked in the zebras and giraffes and at this stage I don't think I will go ahead with the lions and alligator as the composition is working as it is...
I think it might look too busy with them....
I will work on the other giraffe tomorrow and the foliage in behind the animals...

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7 comments: to “ Africa - Stage II and lll so far...

  • Diane 24.12.07

    Gorgeous, Kim, the colours are really rich. I like the composition as it is.I'm so pleased that you can still work in spite of your shoulder...hope it is better soon.


  • Lynda Lehmann 24.12.07

    It looks like it's going to be gorgeous, Kim.

    What happened to your shoulder?

  • Kim 24.12.07

    thanks Diane ....
    I'm hoping to finish it before New Year.....the shoulder's pretty stiff and sore...and definitely a trip to the doctors after Christmas ...eek :)

    hi Lynda...
    thanks so much....
    Ive pulled something in my shoulder when I was turning the canvas around and it's restricted my movement in my left arm....I just hope I haven't done permanent damage as I feel like the one armed woman at the moment...

  • Lynda Lehmann 24.12.07

    i hope you haven't torn a tendon or something like that. take care of it! let us know...

  • Kim 24.12.07

    me too Lynda
    I will ...I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)
    you must be packed and ready to go to your Sister's or are you going tomorrow?
    I keep forgetting that we are one day ahead over here...

  • BoydGreeneArt 6.1.08

    Nothing less than phenomenal though I'd expect nothing less from my master! Your use of shape and form is stronger than anyone I've ever seen without losing any beauty or realism. Fantastic! The strength of your paintings is amazing! Thanks for the inspiration. You the line, me the curve!

  • Kim 6.1.08

    so true Boyd...
    I just love those straight lines....and I think a few of your curves may have sneaked their way into this one !!
    this painting (which was responsible for my shoulder injury) has been put on hold ..
    I've learnt you can never be too careful when it comes to turning paintings ...especially when they are this format and size :0

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