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What is going on at Technorati ?????

17 December 2007 103 comments

For the past few days my authority has been going up and down like a proverbial yoyo !!!!
In fact I'm getting dizzy !!!!
Does anyone know what is going on !!!!

Partial Outage at Ping-o-Matic This Past Week
Posted by Ian Kallen on December 16, 2007

If you ping Technorati directly via our web form, it reduces the number of moving parts required to process the ping. It also offers a crawl-time advantage to Technorati members who have claimed the URL that they are pinging for; those pings go into a higher priority queue. However, we realize that most bloggers rely on the XML-RPC ping capabilities of their blog content management systems (CMS) and, much of the time, that works just fine. However, this past week we isolated a distinct but minor drop off in the update flow to us via Ping-o-Matic's XML-RPC interface. The web-form pings on Ping-o-Matic appear to have been flowing to us uninterrupted but not the XML-RPC pings. The problem was resolved last night, all of the Ping-o-Matic pings are flowing in again and we'd like to thank the folks at Ping-o-Matic for addressing this issue promptly.
The significance of this is that the Ping-O-Matic XML-RPC interface is the default ping destination used by Wordpress installations, as well as some other blog CMS'. If that's the case for your blog and it was not crawled this week to pick up a posting you've made, please ping us directly ("When in doubt, ping the direct route!").
Here's a tip: when you see the link to ping your claimed blogs on the Technorati home page or on the ping page itself, drag that link to your browser's bookmarks and put it on the browser toolbar. Then, whenever you post to your blog you can conveniently hit that bookmark. That ping will come in to us directly and, as long as you're logged into Technorati, be given high priority in our crawl queue.

FAQ at Technorati

Q: Links/Blog Reactions from other blogs not showing up in search?

In order for us to pick up updates and links from sites, we rely on a ping from those sites to alert our spiders of those updates, as well as links. If links to you from blogs do not appear in your search, it may be because they have not pinged Technorati yet. To alert us of these links you can initiate a ping for these blogs by going to:

If the link was in a post, you may want to check to see if the post from the blog that linked to you was indexed. If the post has not been indexed, then the link would not have been picked up. To do this, please try searching for the post using various keywords from that post from and using the Advanced Search feature "Search in: This Blog URL".

If the link was in a blogroll, you may want to check to see if the hyperlink to your blog is located in the blog source of the blogroll. Blogroll links that are generated via a tool or script are not seen. The blogroll must reside in the blog home page as well. If the blogroll is in a subsection or directory of the site, it is not seen or picked up.

If the link was in a post, you may want to check to see if posts from the blog are displayed in full content in the blog feed or home page. Technorati currently indexes a blog via it's feed and blog home page. If both display summary information and the link to you is only seen in the permalink, the link is not picked up. Technorati respects blog owner wishes to only index displayed content.

Please remember that Technorati only indexes blogs at this time. Thus only links from blog posts and blogrolls in blogs are picked up.
Note:Links from directories, forums, post comments are not seen.

Please also note that the links must be active hyperlinks to be counted.

My 6th post to the help section at Technorati requesting a response: 22/12/07

18 blog reactions here that have not been updated ......
plus many many more ...
my blog is laketrees at
I have tried EVERYTHING suggested !!!
I also have a 101 top artists list on my blog (based on Technorati Ranking and Authority)...and I have encouraged all of my readers to submit their blog to Technorati....
If you wish to continue to ignore me then I will be forced to tell my readers that I will be using an alternate ranking system....for future updates to my list......and I certainly won't be encouraging any future visitors to submit their blogs to Technorati until you can prove that you are a reliable source of information...

latest post to Technorati Help Section (22/12/07)

18 blog reactions here that have not been updated ......
plus many many more ...
my blog is laketrees at
I have tried EVERYTHING suggested !!!
Oh and I see my requests are being ignored !!!
If this is your method of communicating with your clients...then it is totally unprofessional and downright rude.....
If you are going to exclude your clients like this you could at least have the decency to tell those you are ignoring your reasons for your unacceptable behaviour !!!!

Response from Technorati

Losing rank by the hour.

Posted: 2007-12-21 15:16:52


I'm not sure what your question is.
is the number of links to your post.

To see the number links to your blog you'll want to goto
note that it also includes the links to your post above.

I've verified that your authority has been calculated recently at 332. Note that your Authority is determined by the number of unique blogs that have linked to yours in the past 180 days. Thus, as links from blogs age out of this window and new links are added, your authority may rise, fall, or stay the same over time. Also, if the same blog links to you many times in the past 180 days, it only counts once towards your authority though it does renew the age of link.

Happy holidays
Technorati Support

My Response
I find your explanation unacceptable....
my authority has dropped from 371 to 328 over the last 4 weeks and is still going down even though I am getting new links from unique blogs every day...
by lookzgood2me

"What's happened to me and so many others I see is out of the blue after a long time of having ZERO problems,
1) the rank that helps them in other areas has taken a huge hit and
2) sites that I absolutely know are linking to me as of this writing are not showing up when I search. "

and another Quote
by ronni

"And another question: why have the top one hundred blogs remained pretty much the same and pretty much in the same order? Some of them list hundreds in their blogrolls."

It seems to me that some blogs have been "disadvantaged" and others have not...
Sorry I find your explanation unconvincing...

and another response from me

oh and another very vital question ....why are my links to other blogs NOT being recognized...
just to name two of many...
it seems that laketrees is no longer being recognised....

Hey Technorati My Authority is not getting updated! Blogroll

Southern Sass on Crime, Smashed Frog, This Eclectic Life, Gentle and Compassionate, Faultline USA, Webtalks, The Augmented Reality, Divorced Dads Matter, Popular Fiction, Republican National Convention Blog NYC 2004, Love and Terrorism, Hi3B附設Blog, Anil Gupte's Video Blog, A Billion Monkeys Can’t Be Wrong, Threat Assessment and Management, The Preachers Wife, Amberwood Ambrosia, TIBET DZI BEADS, A Yoga Coffee Outlook, broadstuff, buensancho, Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Blog, Lines from a Floating Life, Getting Out of Debt

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103 comments: to “ What is going on at Technorati ????? so far...

  • Unknown 17.12.07

    I don't know what's going on at Technorati. I've never had much luck there at all so you're doing better than I am. Are there secrets?

  • Kim 17.12.07

    haha Feeling Flirty...
    it seems that the rules have changed over the last few days ....and Technorati is definitely doing something different !!!!
    I am getting ping backs for new links and they are not registering...
    it helps to read the FAQ section at Technorati
    and if you survive that then reading the help section is always good for a laugh.....
    a good place for witnessing normally sane people going into escalating....almost frenzied.....meltdowns (some have disappeared into blogger asylums ..I'm sure)....when their very normal questions and requests are completely and utterly ignored....

  • Diane 17.12.07

    Technorati is very temperamental!

    I have links that are not counted too - but it will suddenly pick them up all at once. I went through a spell where it lost about a dozen of the most recent posts - and then found them again. It also started deleting my titles and giving my posts the title of one of the images in the post- very odd!

    Customer support is a joke - they never respond but things do mysteriously get put right eventually so it is worth moaning at them!


  • Kim 17.12.07

    ah yes Diane
    A squeaky door....:D
    fancy them picking up the titles of your images...I haven't heard that one before !!!
    I remember whinging to them about not responding to my requests for help when I couldn't upload my avatar....and I tried everything....
    after about 6 months I gave up....then suddenly someone "in authority" at Technorati answered me and actually put my avatar in for me ....I was in shock for days....and seriously much so that
    I dare not change my avatar in case it know a bit like these links..pouffe!!
    here one minute ...gone the next

  • Anonymous 17.12.07

    Hi Kim, guess is the monster excaped again! It's all over the place at the moment and I can't fathom it out either.
    I have some of my posts showing by other authors, pingbacks being ignores etc.

    It makes it hard going trying to keep track of who is linking back, new posts and so on.

    Technorati isn't the only one either, it seems MBL is also having problems with bloggers losing ALL of their contacts, elsewhere blogs are going down for several days.

    Hopefully it will all resolve itself soon.....maybe it's an early Christmas gift to us all...'we know how to screw up the system' lol.

    Take care my friend and have a wondeful week,

  • Kim 17.12.07

    oh me too Colin...
    I don't know whether I'm coming or going over there !!
    and here I was thinking that you might have broken Technorati with your Christmas Card Link Love...haha
    I didn't know about MBL....
    hopefully it will sort itself out and it's reassuring to know that there are few of us having problems with it...
    a great week to you too Colin :)

  • Anonymous 17.12.07

    Well, I've given up on Technorati. Months ago I lost many hundreds in my authority and they haven't come back yet. Support has not answered my question about it either. So I gave up.

    Maybe they're trying to get it working and making it worse while they're experimenting with it...

    PS. The OpenID does not giving me the solution to get my visitors directly to my blog address, only to my OpenID profile and I'm not interested in that extra click for my visitors.

    There is another work around which involves editing your template (WP theme) files which I'm not interested in either since it means I have to do it again for every time I change template which I plan to do - AND it's said to open up for spammers which is even worse.

    No good, user-friendly solution.

  • Kim 17.12.07

    well that's a real shame on both counts Captain :(
    hundreds of links !!!
    that's terrible....I'm finding it hard to work out some sort of reason for I know that

    I have 80,000 inbound links to laketrees...36,0000 through Yahoo how strange is it that we can't seem to keep a few hundred through Technorati!!

    as for the openid....I do know that Renny and Sue have their own domains and have got it working fact Sue has done a few tutorials on it at her wordpress blog....
    might be worth giving it just one more go ....

  • jafabrit 18.12.07

    I wish I could help but I gave up with caring anymore, too frustrating.
    Spam blogs hijacking my blog title name have been rampant on google blog search and have taken over. I mean taken over and there can be 10 to 15 in one day which buries anything I have posted that day. Reporting them seems a total waste of time so I have stopped caring.

  • lilyruth 18.12.07

    I want to comment and vote that Colins daughter should win because colins always gives of himself and asks for nothing in return. He is a speciaol man who wants to have a portrait of his daughter as she is now, to capture her youth and beauty now in this portrait to be able to look at it as the years go by and still see his daughter as Daddys little girl..

  • lilyruth 18.12.07

    PurpleFrog also has a picture in the contest and it is a real nice picture that also has a chance to win so I want to say that I also think Purple Frogs picture is great.. Thank you

  • Debbie Dolphin 18.12.07

    Technorati Troubles?
    My troubles with Technorati began in September and Tech Support never responded to my eMails. My Technorati Troubles involve Technorati tags and post links that fade in and fade out from day to day. This is like reading the obituaries every day to see if you are dead or alive!

    This was part of my first eMail: "To help identify if the issues existed on my end, I verified and confirmed the 10-item checklist for Technorati Ping Configurations."

    After three eMails to Technorati Tech Support and receiving no response, the three strike rule was applied and Technorati became as dysfunctional and unreliable as Google Page Rank system.

    The easy answer for measuring the success of any blog is checking the stats of daily visitors and subscribers. Unfortunately, the Google Page Rank and Technorati Rank system are given too much authority for placing a value on the success of a Blog!

    So far, I have not found an answer to the Technorati Troubles? Perhaps, raising the noise level in the Blogosphere will Light a fire under the anal region of Technorati to move quickly to fix their Technorati Troubles?

    Speaking of OpenID issues, Blogger refuses to accept Wordpress OpenIDs from independent domains. I need to log into my old Blogger account to post a comment and add my signature link to my WordPress Blog.


  • Casey Klahn 18.12.07

    Mine is stable, but I picked up two links today that did register but my score is unaffected. Maybe I dropped two 90 days ago. I don't look quite that close;)

  • Anonymous 18.12.07

    I have had the usual ups and downs with my TA, too. Nothing really frightening, but a friend saw his TA moving up by 200 one day and down by 300 the next day..
    It is rumoured that Technorati are on crack ;)))

    It worries me that I often see links to my blogs (a.o. via google links alert), that are not showing up nor being counted in Technorati. Or links are showing up on Technorati as blog reactions but don't seem to be counted to my TA - a large part of how that works is still a mistery..

    I must say I have mostly decent experiences with the Support Team, all my e-mails have been answered in relatively short time, and with a very friendly tone of voice - albeit often without satisfying answers. Sometimes they say that if a blog already links to you, a second link doesn't count, sometimes they say it counts.. I am often puzzled by their explanations.

  • fihanna 18.12.07

    Hey guys!
    uh oh!
    there are yours link that turn in Italy...
    Linky Love Train and Link Love Extreme..
    the movement of Colin...
    and my blog translation.
    Ciao from Italy

  • AC Associates 18.12.07

    Hi Kim,

    I thought I was the only one affected! stats have been stalled and I too get pings with new links, but they're not registering.
    Guess the only thing we can do is wait and see if it all gets straightened out.

  • Anonymous 18.12.07

    "[...]reading the help section is always a laugh."

    yer killin' me! Technorati is having a meltdown. It does it every once in awhile and when it blows, it blows big.

    I'm not giving it the time of day anymore. Like most everything else these days, it, too, isn't trustworthy nor competent and I'll be dipped if I'm going to give it anymore of my emotional energy.

  • Aurelius Tjin 18.12.07

    I have heard the same news over the blogosphere for quite sometime now. I myself was puzzled by the changes. It helps that you have it covered here i n your blog at least fro some enlightenment. :)

  • Kim 18.12.07

    I haven't heard of that either Jafabrit.....I would imagine reporting anything like that to Google would be a real headache...
    and I see this Technorati bleep is not just a problem with blogger's pretty awful when people just stop caring ...
    maybe we can have a strike haha !!

    hi Lilyruth...
    thanks for your votes I will move them to the "win a free portrait" post :)

    wow Debbie you could sure write a small essay on your troubles with Technorati
    ROFL ...
    "reading the obituaries" it
    I just had another 3 links "die" on me ....
    haha and now that you mention fires what about a combined submission to WTF at Technorati???......I've always thought that those letters had a double meaning !!!

    I can understand how frustrating it must be...and I'm sure if there is an answer you'll get to the bottom of it ....
    Sue has a new WP blog too and she has openid working for her domain...check her blog out she has written quite a few posts on it :)

    yeah Casey
    at the moment the authority stats seem to be jumping up a few links and then dropping back or staying stable like yours
    mine has been doing that since last week ...but this week I seem to be losing links on a daily basis...

    haha too funny Mr Jos...
    so Technorati isn't all it's cracked up to be eh ???

    yes I'm puzzled by the random way in which the links come and go ...if all links linking to you are unique and individual meaning 1 link = 1 unique blog....because I know of many blogs that have linked to me and I've reciprocated.....
    I've also read that if you have your links within a code like mine are here on my sidebar ...that they are not counted....which I have no way of telling....unless someone tells me....
    maybe I should experiment in that area....

    hi Hanna
    I will check out you links train in Italy....I have a funny feeling that they showed up in my blog reactions...but have not been counted too !!!

    hi AC
    you are not the only one it seems.... it's a relief to know that this is affecting others....not that I'm relieved that people are losing their hard earned authority and and are wandering around without an answer...
    waiting to see what happens seems to be a good option at present :)

    very cool attitude MA...
    I wonder how long this meltdown will my top 101 Artists' Blogs List could be quite affected by all of this instability....

    I'm thinking of calling it the "yo yo" effect which would be the opposite to the Digg effect....
    the motto could be ...claim your blog at Technorati and watch your authority get blown away !!!

    hi Aurelius Tjin
    I certainly wasn't expecting such a comprehensive response....because I thought it was just happening to my blog and a few others ...
    I hope the comments have helped to enlighten you :)

  • Anonymous 18.12.07

    I wonder how long this meltdown will my top 101 Artists' Blogs List could be quite affected by all of this instability....

    Jes hafta roll with the punches and tuck n roll, Cookie. Ok, think of it like this. How the heck did we survive before even learning that there was a site named Technorati, hmmmm? On the same hand, how will we survive if it should ever go under?

    For many, there is life without Technorati. For that matter, there was life before Technorati along with there being life without Google; moreover,there will be life long afterwards if and when they should go under.

    Hey, pull my finger!

  • Kim 18.12.07

    hmmmmm MA
    I don't know sort of makes a mockery of my statistics if Technorati keeps mucking up the authority and ranking on my top 101list and an awful lot of days (in fact weeks) of work compiling it !!! will have just gone down the gurgler.....

  • Anonymous 18.12.07

    [...]it sort of makes a mockery of my statistics if Technorati keeps mucking up the authority and ranking on my top 101list and an awful lot of days (in fact weeks) of work compiling it !!! will have just gone down the gurgler.....

    JB, a cyber glitch is all it is- nothing more and nothing less. This type of stuff happens especially when we're talking in terms of cyberspace. Evidently, the algorithms somehow took a dump. It will be just fine.

  • Anonymous 19.12.07

    This is not something new for the last few months my links are up and down. Technorati always has glitches glitch glitc etc....

  • Debbie Dolphin 19.12.07

    Speaking of WTF, Ian needs to get a CLUE!

    Looks like the Update per Ian Kallen is extending my original essay:

    Is Ian Kallen running for President? We hear the same party lines and Technorati Troubles are never fixed.

    My first eMail to Technorati Tech Support noted Technorati was always pinged directly. Seems like Technorati is on an automatic crusade to repeat the same party line whenever Technorati wants to escape their problems.


  • Kim 19.12.07

    thanks for stopping by and commenting on your situation David...

    running for president?...maybe he is :0

    well I'm glad to hear your opinion...on THAT update ...

    I followed his directions to the letter yesterday..and lost another link today..haha

  • Lynda Lehmann 19.12.07

    I guess life in the Techno lane is even more tenuous than life in the real world. Did you find out anything new, Kim?

  • Kim 19.12.07

    hi Lynda
    not tenuous ...just different :D
    I have posted the FAQ at Technorati as well...
    I found some of this helpful but it does not explain the sudden random fall in authority...
    I'm not doing any thing different re links or blogrolls.....

  • Lynda Lehmann 20.12.07

    maybe cyberspace has just grown too big for their current software to handle!

  • ghee 20.12.07

    yeah,it really sucks,right?i do feel the same,its like a roller coaster,im glad i havent puked yet,LOL!

    i had a fear of pinging them.I did that 3 months ago,everytime i pinged them,it cost me losing my authorities.i almost gave it up,for some reasons,advertisers still recognize their rankings.i thought i was over with it,i thought i was seeing the progress,but then once again,my authorities lose day by day.

    really frustrating to open the account.hands up!i just keep my fingers crossed coz i think i ve worked enough.

    gentle and compassionate

  • Kim 20.12.07

    that could be the case Lynda....
    Technorati could definitely use extra staff to deal with these problems too !!

    ah yes Ghee
    my authority dropped even more when I started pinging too !!!
    so I don't think I would advise any one to do that .....

    I am going to remove my link to Technorati today and start referring more to Alexa for an indicator of my ranking...

  • Anonymous 22.12.07

    Kim, save yourself the trouble. NoBody takes Alexa serious (at least: that's what I'm hearing).

    It is about time we bloggers ourselves start a new blog ranking system of our own, isn't it?

    I am proposing a new index (let's call it the "F-U Tehnorati-Index") based on Friendliness, Fun, Responsiveness, Commenters Behaviour, Schmooziness, Nuttiness, anything Nice.


  • Debbie Dolphin 22.12.07

    Great idea, Jos!

    We can advertise the F-U Technorati-Index as the Freed-Union Technorati-Index to spoof their double entendre of the Technorati WTF.

    Does any take any of the Online rating services seriously?

    Thanks to Google's OpenID, this comment was posted by Debbie

  • sookietex 22.12.07

    hi kim i feel your pain. your added to the Hey Technorati My Authority is not getting updated! Blogroll you can view your "welcome page" thanks for your help

    your friend sookietex

  • Anonymous 22.12.07

    @ Debbie: :)))

  • Kim 22.12.07

    excellent !!!
    that sounds like a great idea Jos ...
    and then we can sell it to Google for millions :)

    I'm voting for you to be the rep for that Debbie :)
    I'm certainly taking these rating systems with a grain of salt...
    maybe we can all pop over to facebook and throw a few 100 sheep at them in protest too ....

    hey Sookietex
    thanks for your support and empathy :)....
    I will pop over and say hello asap :)

    hey Jos
    I second that....maybe Debbie can be a CEO...with you new index system :)

  • Debbie Dolphin 22.12.07

    Hi Kim,

    I would be honored to be your Comical Entrancing Official (CEO) tracking Technorati Troubles after Jos installs his F-U Technorati-Index!

    Thanks to Google's OpenID, this comment was posted by Debbie

  • Speedcat Hollydale 22.12.07

    I use my cell phone to check inbound links. It's was quick and easy, until now... they keep changing and updating the format. I think they are in the mist of a major overhaul, and have "holes" in the new software updates. ????

  • Debbie Dolphin 22.12.07

    @ Speedcat Hollydale,

    As honorary CEO, Technorati has digital Black Holes to wipe out the Blogging Universe with vanishing Inbound Links!

    Thanks to Google's OpenID, this comment was posted by Debbie

  • Kim 22.12.07

    too funny Debbie.... :D
    I think you and Jos would make a fabulous team....
    your CEO definition is a hoot !!!

    yeah Eric and it's getting foggier every day.....I see your authority has dropped too ...

    black digital that sounds impressive Debbie ....
    who knows you might have just launched a special Technorati Jargon that makes sense :)

  • Anonymous 23.12.07

    Now that my F-U Technorati Index proposal seems gaining serious momentum and is in the hands of a bright new CEO, may I suggest that we widen the scope of his new enterprise to also include a WTF!-PR, a no.comment tracking system, a PleaseDon'tFollow movement, an ARSS-feed count chicklet, and - while we're at it - some Figg!, CrumbleUpon, social bookmarking sites, an OpenIDiot identification system and -- please please please -- a whole new blogging software platform that incorporates the best features of Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and others, that we will call NoMigraine?
    Anyone up for donations?

  • Anonymous 23.12.07

    Oh, and - especially for Eric Speedy - a GPS-based linktracking tool, of course, with visual global link recognition embedded in our new Bogus Maps :)

  • Debbie Dolphin 23.12.07

    I Love the NoMigraine Blog idea, Jos!

    And, your Christmas Comedy of renaming all these bogus Blogging tracking systems is hilarious and priceless!

    Looks like Technorati creates new digital Black Holes at the speed of Light, Kim!

    Maybe, Captain Kirk can be digitally restored to command the Blogger Enterprise to boldly go where no Blogger has gone before? To achieve this virtual reality, does someone have any idea on how we can pull Denny Crane out of Alan Shore's bed on Boston Legal???

    Thanks to Google's OpenID, this comment was posted by Debbie

  • Kim 23.12.07

    oh this is hilarious Jos !!!
    Crumble it I've never had any success with them
    I can't even change my profile there and I am listed as an 80 year old woman !!!
    a new blogging platform called NO MIGRAINE...brilliant....when are you going to launch these new enterprises ?

    ROFL Debbie....
    I think restoring Captain Kirk could be our lifesaver here !!!
    along with Jos's Christmas Comedy :D
    ah yes Technorati taketh at the speed of light and restoreth ...not!!!


  • Jos 23.12.07

    Well this is great! You guys have me falling off my chair laughing and now I'm the one to blame for cracking you up.

    Come to think of it, Kim, can we use that quote of yours??

    I am sure Debbie will agree that "YOU CRACK ME UP!" would be a grrreat name for this new blogging tools company of ours -- and soon to be a household name.

    And there's more... With the current fights, backstabbing, blaming and security-leaking going on at MBL, we may seize the opportunity and expand our portfolio to also include a brand new blogging community, which we would proudly be branding as "The Digital Black Holes". People would crave to subscribe and get the T-shirt... Think of all the money we would be making with the merchandise - LOL!!

    Kim, I propose you be on the board of "YOU CRACK ME UP!, Inc." with us... We'll be beaming you up shortly

  • Jos 23.12.07

    This just in:

    Technorati: "We are Borking - resistance is futile"

    (DD's Boston Legal remark triggered images of Jeri Ryan, I am sorry, it's a frenzy)

  • Kim 23.12.07

    ROFL Jos
    you ARE on a roll ....:D
    I'd be very honoured to be on the board of "YOU CRACK ME UP" !!!
    thank you....does that mean I can get some letters after my name too ?
    will I be getting beamed up before or after Christmas? as I will have to get a new outfit ...eek... having problems too ???
    goodness I didn't know it was messed up to that extent....
    I think "The Digital Black Holes" community is a fantastic idea and we can get Armani to design the Tees....(I want a black one and a white one) :D

  • Debbie Dolphin 23.12.07

    LMAO, I can barely recover to keep this hilarious Blogging Ball rolling!

    You Crack Me Up perfectly fits The Digital Black Hole for the current fights, backstabbing, blaming and security-leaking going on at MBL ~ hopefully, this will solve our pains in the anal nether regions!

    Thanks to Google's OpenID, this comment was posted by Debbie

  • Jos 23.12.07

    Kim , you can put any ambigram behind your name and title. I would propose "MBM", though -- It's new, nobody in any corp has that, yet..

    But with a company name like "You Crack Me Up! Ltd." and a product label "The Digital Black Hole", having seen DD's remarks about certain regions, you may want to play it safe and just put "Kim Barker, OMG" on your business cards.

  • Kim 23.12.07

    hoohoohoo Debbie that's where MBL is located....
    I would never have guessed that one :D...
    do you think that there might be a possibility of MBL going into complete and utter meltdown over Christmas or will it just freeze over and stop Santa from doing his job??
    ps Technorati (if you are reading this)....don't think because of this issue with MBL...that we haven't taken our eye off you ....

  • Kim 23.12.07

    ooh I love "Kim Barker OMG"...that's good ...very good....
    and sounds so right for me Jos !!
    now I'm wondering what MBM could mean....
    should I know?
    am I being downright blonde here?
    my brother's minder ?
    my blog meltdown?
    my big mess?
    my beautiful mind?
    meerkats behind mybloglogmeltdown?

    actually the meerkat could be our company's mascot :)

  • Jos 23.12.07

    Haha, Kim, that would make a fab Tee shirt. Armany doing the Meerkat and the Black Hole logo...

    Actually, "Meerkat" is a Dutch word. "Meer" is Dutch for "Lake", and "Kat" is Dutch for "Cat".

    If you want to follow the analogy, the Dutch for "Trees" is "Bomen" (1 Boom, 2 Bomen). "Laketrees" literally translated into Dutch would be "MeerBomen", which would mean the same as Lake Trees, but would also mean: "More Trees" and -oddly enough- also: "TalkMore". Now how's that?

    We have a Hot Brand Equity already, it seems :)

    MBM in your case obviously has to stand for Major Board Member. Duhhh! Or But OMG is probably more adequate.

  • Debbie Dolphin 23.12.07

    With tears of laughter, I am surprised I am able to write a followup!

    Sorry for the misunderstanding ~ I thought we were renaming Technorati, The Digital Black Hole using the comical double entendre noted in my previous comment.

    And, renaming MBL as You Crack Me Up in my Digital Black Hole!

    Never thought you comical characters really wanted to use those names for a Blogging Tools Company!

    Please play it safe like Jos said and use an ambigram that no one understands. And it is great idea to list all the possible hidden meanings like MBM because you never want to repeat the same mistake AOL made!

    Thanks to Google's OpenID, this comment was posted by Debbie

  • Anonymous 23.12.07

    Hi Everybody..
    I've escaped again but don't tell Techorati or MBL...

    F-U Techorati would be a wonderful place to start..why they would love us and it would be hassle free....but only if you live in the world of purple haze and wear rose tinted glasses.

    My rank is on a yo-yo or a damn bungee jump I'm really not sure goes up...then it goes down...just a moment - I was talking about Techno Rank!

    Why, somedays I find a new ping from weeks ago and i can hardly contain my excitement...I want to cal Technorati and congratulate them on geting 1 right...eventually.

    They have a wonderful system you know...I think it's linked to Bill Gates...if it doesn't work don't fix fares little better with its daily reports..I think they took cyanide too.

    I am grateful that wordpress picks up the majority og links and pingbacks, at least it's far! When Technorati learn of this I am sure it will also change....

    Merry Techno Christmas everyone

    OpenID let me do all of this....wicked, something that actually works...Colin

  • Jos 23.12.07

    Great. Just Great. We have a CEO that misunderstands that we're a company.

    (Technorati, eat your heart out!)

  • Debbie Dolphin 23.12.07

    Help, Kim! Wasn't comical misunderstandings a part of my job description as the Comical Entrancing Official?

    Can we welcome Colin to the board of the new WTNWB Company?
    (WTNWB = Whatever the Name Will Be)

    "If it doesn't work don't fix it" is Classic Colin Comedy!

    Thanks to Google's OpenID, this comment was posted by Debbie

  • Jos 23.12.07

    Debbie, no worries, you are not alone.... comical misunderstandings is also on my job description :))

    As for Colin, I second his nomination. He will make a great contribution to the board of "YouCrackMeUp, Inc." as our Officer in Charge of Security (and he will have comical misunderstandings on his job description too).

    Now we can take off. Nasdaq here we come. MS, Yahoo, Google, Armani, they will all fight like rabbits to own our stock.

  • Kim 23.12.07

    now I'm falling off the chair laughing !!!

    omg Jos doodoodoodooo
    how eerie is that .....AND JUST SOOOOO CRAZY....
    lake trees cat ...I knew I had esp....
    TalkMore....hahaha...but I'm so quiet :D
    maybe I should rename my blog and we can have the call of the meekat as a special password...
    but hey do they make sounds?
    MBM ....major board that sounds official....what about ME BIG MEMBER....oh dear I think that's putting my foot in it !!!!nah I think I'll stick with OMG....

    now you have my head spinning Debbie :D
    I'm losing the plot here ...
    do we have 3 companies here ...
    1. Technorati, The Digital Black Hole using the comical double entendre which ambigrammed would be TTDBH (CDE abbreviated)
    2. MBL as You Crack Me Up in my Digital Black Hole! would become MBLYCMUIMDBH....
    3. mymigraine blogging tools company would be MMBTC
    whoah at the risk of sounding blonde what is AOL?
    no wonder you are the CEO HAVE certainly entranced me :D

    haha Colin ...
    no worries ....I've locked the door
    and we now have the special password.....
    you 3 company members just have to guess what it is ....
    hehehe bunjee jumping I like that ...that's even better than yo yoing.....
    so wordpress have reliable stats...
    I'm so sure that blogger will come up with some too ....just look what they've done with open ID....
    and obviously you and Debbie have been deeply disturbed by the whole deal there ...just take a look at your signatures !!!!
    I get traumatized
    just reading them...

    (Jos are you working on that password?....don't make it too obtuse though)
    now where was I?
    ah yes Colin we will welcome you as a member of (WTNWB = Whatever the Name Will Be)
    great name btw ..Debbie ...does this mean we have to adjourn for lunch or whatever to vote for a new president...
    who is the president btw....and who is going to do all the work....for us ...
    I mean we can't be doing everything ....
    and is anyone in charge of salaries?
    oh dear too many questions and not enough time...

    "If it doesn't work don't fix it" is Classic Colin Comedy!
    excellent Debbie...CCC...excellent for people who stammer...
    Colin could be our solicitor seeing he's pals woth Bill Gates

    btw who is Bill Gates....

    only joking

  • Kim 23.12.07

    ok we can't have any crossed wires here ...
    Jos you can have Debbie's job...and she can be President
    Good idea ...Colin as head of security well as legals....he will have to get more pay !!!!
    hmmm I think we'll have to vote on that one....because Debbie will be earning triple what we earn so we won't have much money left.....
    we need an accountant !!!

    hehe rabbits....stock ...I got that....

  • Debbie Dolphin 23.12.07

    No worries, Jos!

    I think it is great to share our comical misunderstandings about all the troubles these Blogging Tool and Software companies have caused.

    Please Kim, don't make me say what AOL is On-Line if you know what mean and I hope you do, now? ;) BTW isn't your "Me Big Member" a male enhancement issue?

    Sorry for trauma drama, Kim... my WordPress Signatures are intended to spoof Google's OpenID flaws!

    Hopefully, we are not deeply disturbed by the whole deal at your post? Someone's post had to be grounds to release our comical frustrations and looks like Lady Luck gave you the short straw!

    As President of this comical company, my first Executive Order is to declare a Holiday Break before my sides split from laughing too much!

    PS. AOL is a spoof of the American company called America Online with the logo trademark of AOL. Now, for the A meaning think of the previous Black Hole comments!

    Thanks to Google's OpenID, this comment was posted by Debbie

  • Kim 23.12.07

    ohhh thanks Debbie
    I knew you were President material...
    AOL....I have it now ....and thanks for explaining it in the roundabout way....much clearer for me....
    haha MBM...
    yes I realized the double meaning after I posted...durrrr
    still being female I don't suppose the issues would be the same...
    oh oh I don't think I will say anymore on that subject...or I might get flagged or banned
    ah yes
    I have only myself to blame for the short I did start it didn't I???
    I'm seconding your motion as my sides are splitting too :)
    I'll go and visit some blogs hehehe

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    My first serious comment in a long while:

    I just noticed that Blogger/Blogspot have returned on some of their steps and are now re-introducing the option to leave a link to your name: with the "nickname" option there now is an extra field to leave your URL.

    It's not rolled out for all blogs yet, apparently, but I have seen it somewhere already. See You Blog We Listen for more info.

  • Debbie Dolphin 24.12.07

    Holy Mackerel, Jos!

    Looks like your OpenIDiot identification system idea brought about a positive(?) change at Google! If Google's step backwards works for comments than our PR (Present Ration) spoofing campaign might fix their bogus PR system, too?

    Thanks to Google's OpenID, this comment was posted by Debbie

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    hey guys
    now that's a Christmas Bonus !!!
    crack open the bubbly....
    that should be great for you now Debbie...I'm going to test it here with my domain address....
    thanks for spotting that probably would have taken me months to notice it :)

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    if only ALL things blogging could be THAT easy !!!!

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    @ Kim: Debby just "gave away" the password (it's her first two words about this sacred fish - I'm sure the meerkat will remember it)

    @ kim's website: now you surprise me! how did you and kim's blog get this working? all I can do is sign in as "Any OpenID" and then enter the url of one of my blogs -- but this returns the "nodirecton" part of that url ( as my name. How did you do this??

    @Debby: I am not so sure that Blogger going back to providing an open link box again is such a positive step -- it feels like they're giving in to the numerous complaints that they got, so that's a good thing in itself, but it also opens the door for comment spammers again.. Blogger were trying so hard to do good and introduce OpenID to help fight spam. It's actually a pity that they handled this so stupidly, communications-wise, that they are now forced to go back to a vulnerable option...

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    Re Technorati: is there anybody who can help me figuring this one out??

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    haha Jos gotya on the password !!!
    I agree about the spam will be open season now....
    looks like I'll be turning comment mod on for a while...

    now signing on...
    1. check the nickname box
    2. type in any nickname
    3. type in your blog address in the URL mine is
    4. click publish
    I'll test again here..
    good luck :)

  • Jos 24.12.07

    "OMG", Kim, I was assuming you managed to manipulate your OPenID delegation to display a different name.. Lol!

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    Ok. Now I'm getting this. Look! I can put my new business card in it. Lol..

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    haha Jos..
    me!!! do all that ...
    I'm not that clever !!!'ve got it !!! I love it !!!
    haha you can now run around the blogasphere hysterically showing everyone your new business card :D
    ok now for another nickname ;)
    this is so fun...

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    Nice blog you 'aving, lady.. Wonna do a Rock Movie with me and my dancing Koala's?

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    ROFL Sly....
    I'll be right over :)

  • Debbie Dolphin 24.12.07

    Hi Kim and Jos,

    I see the Company commanding officers are enjoying the new OpenIDiot comment changes!

    After the New England Patriots game, Debbie Dolphin is back online and discovered Kim's movie secret is out of the bag!

    "Debby just "gave away" the password (it's her first two words about this sacred fish - I'm sure the meerkat will remember it)" Is this my Password to the You Crack Me Up Company???

    @ Jos ~ Hopefully, I answered your questions where the sacred fish swim and Kim concerns were answered, too!

    Here is my answer to OpenIDiot security issues,

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    Debbie, the password is only for Kim's blog after she renames it "Meerkat Lake Trees Talk More" or something fuzzy like that...

    To our company, YOU of all people would not require a password, the occasional Comical Entrance would do the trick.

    Can we have the fish as an extra in the movie? I would enjoy seeing Sly hanging off a cliff with a Mackerel up his, ermmm, sleeve? And then he's thinking he's saving a dolphin's life but he doesn't see right, he's blinded by the lighthouse, and then...

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    ... but that would be off-topic, wouldn't it?

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    hey you two have me sounding like a native Indian here
    "sacred fish swim" and "Meerkat Lake Trees Talk More"
    @DD so it's confirmed then ...we have HM as the official password eh? and I see @ Jos have yours operating as H. Mackerel, Sr. ... yes I like ...
    so who the hell is CrumbleUpon context management ????
    don't tell me someone has found out about our secret know the one starting with R ?

  • Debbie Dolphin 24.12.07

    Holy Mackerel, Jos!

    Slippery Sly fighting to hang on to a Mackerel and blinded by the Rock Lighthouse while trying to save a dolphin could top the Titanic movie in Box Office sales!

    Kim, we have found our executive Producer!

    Off-topic? We can easily get back on-topic by creating movie characters to be CrumpleUpon and OpenIDiot Stars. So far, they have been a box office hit all over the Blogosphere! :)

    HM works for H. Mackerel or His Majesty or Her Majesty as well as a R-rated encryption that sealed my Lady Dolphin lips!

    Here is my answer to OpenIDiot security issues,

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    CrumpleUpon and OpenIDiot Stars
    haha Debbie
    I could fit into those categoreies myself !!!
    I like the Her Majesty ...that works for me....good suggestions
    now I just have to work out the R rated one ...hmmmmm

  • Anonymous 25.12.07

    Now it's official, You Guys Crack Me Up.

    All I have left to do now is:

    1. Figure out who could be meant by "the one starting with 'R', and
    2. Figure out what the R-rated encryption might be.

    After that, I will be bookmarking the answers to for future reference by this non-native non-Indian and non-native English speaking blogfish that I am.

  • Anonymous 25.12.07

    talking about 'off-topic', I thought this post was about me (or was it?)

  • Anonymous 26.12.07

    Kim, I think I am beginning to uderstand what is going on with your Technorati. First, take a look at This Graph. This is your links over the last 200 days. Technorati drop links after 180 days. As your graph is 'fluctuating', so will be the result of moving further in time, as the links are dropped out of that 180 day moving window. Does this make sense?

  • Kim 26.12.07

    wow Batman
    that's an impressive graph!!!
    I am really mentally challenged when I look at this !!!
    so if these are the posts linking to me and they are dropping out and new ones are coming in my authority still should be rising instead of dropping....

    ok I see that the links that I gained on June 20 (25) should drop out in 12 days....
    btw I can't tell whether these were new unique blog links....
    oh Jos I think you have to be a brain surgeon to work this out

    I have lost 50 since November 27
    this has never happened before....
    I can't work out where the rules have changed and I am getting such dramatic fluctuations
    am I missing something?

  • Kim 26.12.07

    RRS FishBurner , III
    I think you might have to tell Britney that she has lost her way and is commenting in the the wrong post LOL ...;)

  • Kim 26.12.07

    hey Jos
    eg of technorati not following rules
    affected negatively by fluctuations...Colin at has dropped and Pearl at and Eric at have both dropped out of the top 10,000 recently where Ev at and Deborah at't seem to be affected and are still rising....

  • Debbie Dolphin 26.12.07

    Hi Commander of Technorati Troubleshooting (Kim),

    ~ Scene 84, Take 85 of Technorati Troubles ~

    Actually, Technorati ranking system seems to be Top Secret Blogging BS.

    Everyone has their pet theory about fluctuating Technorati Authority.

    Problogger claims Technorati bases your blog authority on the last 6 months of activity. Blog Links counted today are smoke in 180 days.

    To add to the confusion, another source claims that Blog Links in the Sidebar always remain in your Technorati Authority or Rank (another confusing distinction since Bloggers interchange these terms). Yet, the Links to your Blog from inside a post are deleted in 180 days.

    Remember the show, To Tell the Truth? My question is will the True Technorati please step forward and explain their entire Technorati Troubles.

    Technorati is supposed to be a search engine so why are some Bloggers Post tags keep vanishing, a reoccurring problem first noted in Sep, 2007? The whole Technorati mess is very fishy, and Technorati needs to be replaced by H. Mackerel, Sr., H.M., You Crack Me Up, The digital Black Hole, Blogfish, or all of the above.

    Speaking of H.M., did you solve the R-rated version?

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is: Debbie

  • Anonymous 26.12.07

    Kim, actually, it's not a big secret, but it is fuzzy logic. If you take a look at that graph again (which you can change, btw, by changing the nr of days and the height and width), you may see that your TA will drop if there are more links dropping out at the left side of the 180 days window than new links coming in at the right side of the window. You are getting that, don't you?

    Then, I gathered, there is also this rule that says that if a blog linked to your blog more than once in a short period of time, this only counts as one (1) link. (for that reason, it is better to have people link to individual blog post permalinks than to your blog home URL).

    Then, another reason for changes can obviously be that people may "withdraw" their links to your blog, or they may, for instance, move their sidebar blogroll to a separate blogroll page (I have seen many do that, lately) - and then these links are becoming subject to the 180 days rule. So if people install a new 'blogroll page', and manually date that 01//01/07, because they don't want that page to appear between 'current' posts, the links are 'gone'.

    Another thing that is influencing this changes in TA, is of course the changes in ranking of other blogs. If there's, for example, 20.000 blogs that gain a lot of links and therefore 'should become 'Top10k', then it seems that that would impact blogs currently in the top10, right?

    And - of course - there is the fact that Technorati sometimes (often?) just 'misses' to register links.

  • Anonymous 26.12.07

    @ Britney: you are "so totally" on topic. But - you did it again! - you are 'off-post'.
    This is a post about something fishy going on at Technorati. The paparazzi are here to shoot the fish, not you.

  • Anonymous 27.12.07

    Kim, your TA is not established by calculating the nr of LINKS to your blog, but by counting the nr of BLOGS that link to you. If I link to you twice, I am still 1 blog linking to you, hence only counted for 1 point in your TA.

  • Kim 27.12.07

    ah ha Debbie and H Mackerel, Sr. and Black Hole Investigations Ltd. (LOL)
    I think I am starting to see the light !!!
    blog rolls make a lot of sense (which reminds me that I will have to look closely at all of mine including the blog rolls on my links page...obviously of little use to anyone)
    and I'm starting to get the one unique blog=1 link in 180 days..
    so memes between blog friends does very little to boost authority unless it goes viral like the viral link chains and trains and tags....and of course there are those who have removed their viral link trains etc etc ...once millions have linked to them....but that would disappear within the 180 days anyway
    the graph has given an insight into it....but actually keeping track of the links going in and out over the 180 days and going back in my archives to see what happened on those days would be a mammoth task....bit like checking who did and din't fave you in the fave trains...I know that was very one sided too....
    something like fave 6 people and 1 faves you back
    I think that you both deserve a huge payrise and promotion in fact by the sound of it you both would be fully competent and qualified to work at technorati (in management of course !!)

  • Anonymous 27.12.07

    hey RRS FishBurner , III
    cool sounds like you have a toxic situation going on here....
    how outrageous!!!
    thank goodness I'm not the last to know !!!

  • Debbie Dolphin 27.12.07

    Hi Kim and H. Mackerel, Sr.!

    ~ Scene 90, Take 91 ~

    Technorati Troubles has been a comical blast,
    to spoof Technorati Authority terrible presents and their past!

    Jos explanation of Technorati's Fuzzy Logic is the best overall explanation I have read to date about the mystery of Technorati Troubles..... Buuuuuuuuut (a long sounding but) unfortunately, I have seen registered Technorati links vanish within 40 days and the link to my Blog still exists in the other Bloggers Blog.

    And, why do our Technorati tag links in the footer of the post vanish??? Is that a 180-days converted into a 40-days rule, too? I thought the Tea of Technorati was their widely renown Search Engine based on using Technorati tags in our posts?

    Hence, my reference to Technorati ranking system seems to be Top Secret Blogging BS in my previous comment. Whatever Technorati service claims exist on the web, they seem to have missed the range of their Technorati Target by a few tagging days and miles!

    P.S. Charlie the Tuna smells another Technorati Tunagate needs to be uncovered!

    P.P.S. Technorati Tunagate could be the secret title of our secret Book?

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

  • Anonymous 28.12.07

    Oh no, Your Majesty...

    I just heard the news about your shoulder! I guess you won't be waltzing any mathilda's with me for a while, then...

    Take good care of yourself, don't you go hanging on those lighthouse cliffs any more now!

    It's such a relief that your production company have been able to reschedule that scene with you, Sly and his dancing Tuna's. Imagine the special FX that would have been required to make you look like a two-armed online artist again.

    I am almost certain that your new company's Chief Financial Officer will find it in his stockbreaking heart to approve the HRM department's request for a Temp.

    Until then, take it easy!

  • Anonymous 28.12.07

    Give our mom some privacy, please..

  • Kim 28.12.07

    Technorati Tunagate
    sounds like the perfect title Debbie !
    I don't think I use Technorati Tags....and the 40 days rule???
    didn't know about that one

    and excuse me AR (waltzing the Matilda will have to go on hold due to my left arm limitations)
    but another question for H. Mackerel, Sr.
    one link in a blogroll=1 TA for 180days.....and a link to a URL post permalink=another? link? for ? days?

    ps Sean and Jayden
    shouldn't you be in bed ??

    hanging from lighthouse cliffs is so fun....but I'll try to limit it to once a week while I wait for this rotator cuff get better...
    we need a physio in the company...

  • Debbie Dolphin 28.12.07

    Hi Kim,

    ~ Scene 94, Take 95 ~

    The 40-days rule was my personal observation noting the Technorati's 180-days rule is also a target that Technorati misses frequently. Seems that Technorati randomly deletes the Links to blogs which lowers the TA of the Blog well before their 180-day target.

    The 40-days rule is one of the Technorati Black Holes that Technorati refuses to acknowledge and answer!

    Maybe, the Technorati 180-days rule or less is a fair way to keep the Top Dog Blogs (Under 10K) producing original content yet, it hurts every new Blogger writing original content who wants to determine if their Blog has any web presence and authority.

    Technorati Tags are "helpful (when working)" for visitors searching for all posts on a related subject. For example, visit Ledge Lighthouse.
    Unfortunately, Technorati Tags are more Technorati Black Holes in the Technorati Tunagate!

    And, the coastal view from Lighthouse cliffs is spectacular!

    P.S. Hopefully, my humorous script numbers like ~ Scene 94, Take 95 ~ are another creative comical way to keep my spoof of the Technorati Black Hole rank and authority numbers alive!

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

  • Anonymous 28.12.07

    Hi, Your "OMG" Majesty,

    Yes you do use Technorati tags! If you're on blogger/blogspot, the words you put in at the bottom of a post (as "categories", or "search labels", or just "labels", the name varies), are automatically interpreted as "Technorati Tags". A free service from Blogger! Yippie..

    You are using them, and they show up in your Tag Cloud. Using "the right words" in those tags will help your post getting a higher indexing level at search engines, such as technorati's tag database, but also a/o google and yahoo.

    So if you are doing a post about fish, and you add the word 'fish' as a label/tag/category, this not only helps your readers finding "all posts" about fish on your blog, it is also a search tag for people on the outside. Many people have set their search queries in Technorati on keywords/tags for subjects they are particularly interested in, so all geeks having a tag alert set on the word 'mackerell' might come and see your posts, if you 'tag' them "mackerell".

    These tags will not disappear, because they are in your blog, and they don't 'count' for points or anything. It pays to use the right tags, not only because it will give you a nice big tag cloud (like mine), and not only as an extra index/search tool inside your blog, it may also attract more readers.

  • Debbie Dolphin 28.12.07

    Hi Beginning to feel like a blog-nerd and "OMG" Majesty,

    ~ Scene 96, Take 97 ~

    Just don't depend on your Technorati Tag Cloud to attract more readers!

    For example, please review my Cloudy Comment at ~ Scene 94, Take 95 ~

    Technorati Tags are known to vanish into the digital Black Hole escaping into the unknown regions of the digital universe. Calling Captain Kirk to the Poop Deck ~

    Please, Captain James Tiberius Kirk help us find the Technorati Tags and the missing digital links hiding in the Black Holes of the Technorati Poop Deck!

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

  • Kim 28.12.07

    hi dd and btflabn
    you two are killing me with your indepth analysis...
    i have just posted the technorati link love ...
    now i will try the technorati search tag cloud....
    i think hanging from lighthouse cliffs would be a breeze compared to typing with one hand
    i shall venture over to the black hole now ...but not looking forward to it as last time i looked i was down to 311 eeek....
    oaw=one armed woman

  • Jos 28.12.07

    Debbie, how do you discover your Technorati Tags are disappearing? The only thing I can think of is related to what was mentioned in the opening Q&A quotes of this post - i.e. that these tags are no longer on "live" or "indexed" or "older" pages. Could that be the case?

  • Debbie Dolphin 29.12.07

    Hi Jos,

    ~ Scene 99, Take 100 ~

    Please click on any Technorati Tag in the footer of any of my posts since September 2007, and the Technorati Tag link may return No Posts tagged.

    For example using the current post, No posts tagged South Gare Lighthouse Hydrogen Fuel Cell Beams Brightly is the Technorati headline when the "South Gare Lighthouse Hydrogen Fuel Cell Beams Brightly" tag is clicked today. Tomorrow, clicking the Technorati Tag may reveal my Fuel Cell post.

    This is the mystery of the vanishing and reappearing hat-trick of Technorati Tags.

    Sometimes I feel like a Technorati Wingnut, Sometimes I don't!

    (Sorry, I need to use comedy to relieve my stress of the Technorati Blogging BS)

    Hopefully, we are on the same page? If we are than the Technorati Tags of my older posts (before September 2007) seem to be "live" and still "indexed" every day.

    Hi Kim,
    Looks like Captain Kirk and mission control has cleared your technorati link love for launch!

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

  • Kim 29.12.07

    ah yes Debbie
    finally clicked with the technorati link love post ..thanks to Jos and his astute observation...fancy me doing 10 links haha durrrr :)

  • Anonymous 28.6.08

    I've noticed a steady increase in my Technorati Authority as well - hope it continues. I have placed the Technorati ping on my Firefox toolbar so we'll see how that goes. Nice blog!

  • Kim 28.6.08

    thanks Ali...
    good luck with technorati :)
    have a great weekend :)

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