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Technorati and Blog Reactions !

28 December 2007 15 comments

I borrowed this idea from Jos over at NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)

I copied and pasted this from Jos's blog...

In the scroll box below are the blogs that were kind enough to link to this blog in the last 10 days. That is... the ones that Technorati counted...

I have copy/pasted the Technorati pages with "blog reactions", changed the rel="bookmark" to rel="dofollow", deleted the images, and.. hey presto!

Hope this works to give you some LinkLOve back (If it works, it will give a lot of LinkLOve to Technorati, too ;).

Thank you for linking to laketrees !

last 10 Days of Technorati Links to laketrees

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last 200 days (laketrees)

Pre-defined scroll box in post body text

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laketrees: What is going on at Technorati ?????


15 comments: to “ Technorati and Blog Reactions ! so far...

  • Jos 28.12.07

    Way to Go, online artist:)
    I see you managed to get the scroll box alive too! Good Job!
    Just one little thing: my copy/pasted text says "last 10 days" - not last 10 links :=)

  • Kim 29.12.07

    hi Jos..
    I had to put the code in the post as my template wouldn't work with it there I used the code for a scroll box that I had on my links page...
    will fix up the days/links thing too and find some more reactions to put in there...silly me !!!!!

  • Jos 29.12.07

    Hey, did you see this: you went UP to 312 :))

  • Kim 29.12.07

    I won't hold my breath Jos :D
    I think I've got the list right now ...with the last 10 days reactions :)

  • Jos 29.12.07

    Hi Kim, I am seeing this in your template:

    }/* Label Cloud Styles... etc.

    that second } should not be there, I think..

    I don't know if you've tried this: after you delete that 2nd }, try and insert this next code at exactly that spot (before the Label Cloud): (I have replaced the larger than and greater than symbols by '(' and ')' -- you should of course use '<' and '>' in the code.

    /* pre-defined scroll box in post body text; to be called by "(div class="scrollbox")" and to be closed by "(/div)" */

    .scrollbox {
    height: 250px;
    width: 410px;
    padding: 5px 5px 5px 5px;
    overflow: auto;

    let me know if this works, ok?

  • Speedcat Hollydale 29.12.07

    Hi Kim! This is a great idea... I just sent out a buncho links, then pinged Technorati directly. Hopefully you will see one or two from me. They have note been counted as we speak.
    My authority number went from 483 down to 441?? Yikes!!!!
    Did you or anyone ever figure out what's going on?
    Anywhoo... enough about that. Hope you had a fantastic holiday as well.
    See you soon, Eric :-)

  • Kim 29.12.07

    hey Jos
    thanks so much
    I will try that now :)

    I know Eric..
    I've been keeping track of yours...
    mine has gone from 371 to 312
    it's a worry...
    Debbie Dolphin...Jos and I have been trying to make sense out of it if you have a few spare days ...check it out :D

  • Kim 29.12.07

    hmmm Jos
    have the code in my template and tried to put a text code scroll box (with a text link code in it) in my latest post at the bottom under my other scroll box
    (that I actually stole off Eric's sidebar a while back)
    but it's not showing ...
    I must be doing something wrong :0
    I'm going to pop over to your site and have another look at the see what I am missing ..

  • Anonymous 29.12.07

    Hmmm, Kim.. I don't know. Of course I can only see that page's code in the 'view page source' Firefox option, so I cannot judge what's going wrong excatly, but there seems to be something like a "scrolling: no" instruction somewhere in your main widget code. Maybe that's what causing this.
    No worries, the 'regular' ad-hoc scroll box you are using is working fine, so you may better stick to using it that way.

  • Kim 29.12.07

    thanks for looking Jos...
    I've just worked out how to widen the ad hoc box...and it's good to know that's working ....
    I will check out my template though
    as your scroll box has more I'll keep on experimenting :)

  • jafabrit 30.12.07

    wow, that is quite a list to put together. I hadn't realized I was in the top 30!

    Hope you have a super NEW YEAR


  • John Good 2.1.08

    I copied your excellent post, left the links you had, and added my own to it. Let's see if it works!

  • Kim 2.1.08

    thanks Corrine and a Happy New Year to you :)

    Great John and thanks
    I'll keep my fingers crossed :)

  • Anonymous 22.3.08

    This is nice idea, i already see this in comedy plus blog.

  • Anonymous 10.3.09

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