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An Interview with a difference !!!

14 December 2007 15 comments


Portrait of Alexander and Charlotte - 2003 A very sincere thank you to Lyn at
for taking time out of her very busy schedule to interview me...
Lyn has an amazing gift for revealing the aspects of a person that lie beneath the surface....

If you would like to be featured on Thursday's Treasure, or know someone who should be, let Lyn know, She would love to feature those whom others find fascinating, or are great examples of womanhood... Men's stories are welcomed as well...

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and another very comprehensive review:

A Profile of me written by
Deborah at Life in the Fast Lane


15 comments: to “ An Interview with a difference !!! so far...

  • Anonymous 14.12.07

    If I may say so, Girly, I've always known just how special you are since the first time I met you, if that says anything.

    Congrats on your interview with Lyn! I'm always proud of ya, kiddo! Yer da bomb! ~:o)

  • Cooper 14.12.07

    I'm heading over to check it out now.

  • Diane 14.12.07

    What a great interview. You are even more amazing than I thought!

    You are overflowing with talent :)


  • Kim 15.12.07

    thanks MA
    you're very kind :)

    hi Cooper
    thanks for dropping by :)

    thanks Diane
    Lyn did a great job....and her interviews are so very insightful :)

  • caseytoussaint 15.12.07

    This is wonderful! - you have an amazing blog - I always learn so much when I stop by. Thank you!

  • Kim 15.12.07

    thanks Casey
    your comment is much appreciated :)

  • Anonymous 16.12.07

    I have an award for you -

    Happy Holidays Kim!

    ~Sandy G.

  • Lynda Lehmann 16.12.07

    Congrats on being interviewed, Kim! That's always an honor!

    I'm going over to read it now...


  • Kim 16.12.07

    thanks Sandy...
    will check it out ...and happy holidays to you too :)

    thanks for calling in Lynda....:)

  • anandi 17.12.07

    Thanks KIM!
    I ll mail you my bio with a pic.
    Thanks again for the appreciation

  • Kim 17.12.07

    great !!!
    and you're welcome Anand...

  • Netster23 17.12.07

    I see a guy hug a gal ummm hehehe


  • Kim 17.12.07

    hi Netster
    that is a drawing of my children that I did in 2003 :)
    the interview is at
    IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD..... :)

  • BoydGreeneArt 6.1.08

    You are definitely a fascinating lady and justly deserving of the recognition! Congratulations!!!

  • Kim 6.1.08

    thanks very much Boyd :)

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