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Win a Free Portrait for Christmas!!!!

19 December 2007 31 comments

2 days to go !!!

Competition closes 21st December at 24:00 (that's the time on the clock here at laketrees)

Poor Santa had had major problems with his computer lately so could you please email me with your entries...
All entries (stories and/or photos) will be posted here...
Ask all your friends to comment/vote for your entry here....
Comments received at Santa's Elf Club and other posts at laketrees will be carried over...

Entries for Competition - Memories of Christmas Past

Entry # 1
Jeane Michelle Culp

Years Later!


Entry # 2

Firstly, many thanks to Santa for inviting me to co-author Santa's Community Blog and welcome to Auntie Dar, Eric, Janice, Judy, Martje, Sandee and Surjit as new co-authors too.Wow, is Blog Elf in for a surprise, especially as he likes to call me eeeeeeek the ghost!! Mind you, he's probably far to busy eating his Frog Sandwiches.
Isn't Christmas a wonderful time of year? Yes, there's a great deal of hustle and bustle, shopping to be done, work to be finished, gifts to wrap, cards to write and much more.
The Magi followed the Star of Bethlehem, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts for the Christ, born the King of the Jews. Now, traditionally, it is an annual holiday when we celebrate the birth of Jesus with traditions that vary around the world, but the sentiments are the same, we promote goodwill, compassion and peace for all mankind.We celebrate with Midnight Mass, singing the praises of the Lord on this magical day. Children act out the Nativity at schools, churches and halls, while waiting (sometimes impatiently) for the arrival of the jolly man in red known as Santa Claus in the early hours of Christmas morning, when all good children should be asleep.I have many memories of Christmas Past, it is a mesmerizing time of year.

Many years ago, my father took a picture of me ( above) pinching a chocolate off the Christmas Tree, caught in the act as it were!! Mind you, that was many years ago, I have aged a little since then.

In more recent years, I have my own daughter who was fortunate to meet Santa on many occasions. Here she is 3 years old and sat on Santa's knee. Now she is 14 years old, and still anticipates Christmas and has been counting down the days since the end of July hahahaha.

Now then, do not forget to write your letters to Santa, as he's a very busy man and his elves will be working overtime to satisfy the child in all of us.If you are passing by, please join this wonderful community and add it to your Technorati Favourites.......clickety clickety click as Blog Elf would say.Have a wonderful week everyone, and spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves.Colin

Colin's photos of his beautiful daughter.

Entry # 3
Ok, here it goes I haven't had that many memorable Christmas's as I was not raised with my family. I remember living in a foster home and all the prezzies that my mom would send to me were taken away! Sad but true. The holidays are such a hard time for me even tho I am an adult now so I just try not to think about it! One year I bought myself off Ebay The Beatles Christmas cut-out records. Music has always helped me thru all the horrible times that I lived thru.. The Beatles and their music is so magical and happy I always wished I was part of the Beatle family! So I say the Beatles are the farway family that I never had. I do get choked up just writing this letter. I still believe in miracles & the spirit of Christmas and when I am sad or thinking of the less fortunate, I play some Beatles music and it magically goes away. Not everyone has had a family and I envy the people that have one and take them for granted! Remember to love one another because someone in your family can leave you in a instant. Christina at harleyblues

Entry # 4

Entry submitted by Kimmy at Purple Frog Cat

Entry # 5

Entry submitted by Mim at Auntie Mim's

Entry # 6

Santa Claus Magic Village

Santa Claus Loves My Children

Santa Claus Gifts I Grab

Santa Claus Free Hat

Entry submitted by Zubli at Book Project

Entry # 7

Back in 2003 I was in my first year at Punmu, on Lake Dora in the Great
Sandy Desert.

Somehow I was talked into being Santa. Then I was talked into arriving
on a pushbike!

Across the dry salt lake (well, a part of it, it is several hundred
square km in extent) at about 5.30pm with the temperature hovering above

The children were still highly appreciative and even a molten Santa had

Entry submitted by Ærchie at ARCHIES ARCHIVE

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31 comments: to “ Win a Free Portrait for Christmas!!!! so far...

  • Gelombang Rakyat 17.12.07

    PurpleFrog entry is awesome. I love it!

  • Kim 17.12.07

    thanks Zubli
    your vote is in :) :)

  • Gelombang Rakyat 17.12.07

    Cute Cotojo Kid and Colin's Children. Christmas is family. Very nice entry.

  • Kim 17.12.07

    thanks for your comment and for your photos Zubli...
    I will post your entry asap :)

  • Anonymous 17.12.07

    Its hard to choose as they are all great in their way .:-)

    RennyBA's Terella

  • Kim 17.12.07

    too true Renny...
    now it's not too late for you to enter ;)

  • Diane 17.12.07

    At the risk of depressing everyone, may I just tell you why I don't get excited about Christmas these days?

    Six years ago on Boxing Day, my husband (of 25 years)told me he was leaving me and setting up home with a younger model. I have found it quite difficult to enjoy Christmas since but have made the effort for my lovely boys who have been absolute stars and looked after their mum!

    Yesterday, I found out that my new boyfriend (of 2 years duration) has also been seeing someone else and we finished.

    I am resisting the temptation to join the "All Men are B*st@%** Club' as I know really there must be some good ones out there. Instead I am founding the 'Some Men Have Lousy Timing Club' and I am concentrating on making sure my boys are not future members of either....


  • Anonymous 18.12.07

    Oh my Diane...I cme here to vote, and that's hard enough...I'd have to split my vote to cotogo's beautiful daughter and perps wonderful family but may I add all of the entries are wonderful...but your story is heartbraking and some men are bas###ds..Christmas must be so hard for you...but your boys sound wonderful..peace and love to you all

  • Kim 18.12.07

    oh dear Diane....
    I empathise totally...
    you have to go and join the "spoil me....pamper til you DVD's about men who get their just desserts for doing this" CLUBS....
    (such awful lousy timing too).....
    I'm thinking of you and I will send you some poems that I wrote on this very thing ...quite a few years ago.....
    hang in there certainly deserve better !!!!!

  • Kim 18.12.07

    thanks for your kind comments Maunie.....:)

  • Sophiagurl 18.12.07

    Colin's daughter is very beautiful. Loved the Santa story=) I loved that entry.

    Happy Holidays! =)

  • Kim 18.12.07

    thanks for your vote Sophiagurl :)

    I have also counted your vote too Ruth :)

  • Gelombang Rakyat 18.12.07

    I am glad my entry is accepted in this "Win a Free Portrait for Christmas!!!!". Thanks.

  • Diane 18.12.07

    Thank you Maunie, you are very kind...I came back as I forgot to vote and I read your comment.

    As for voting - how difficult! Colin or Harley Blue I think, although the others are excellent too!


  • Sandra 20.12.07

    I think these would make the best portraits: Entry #2 (Colin's daughter) and second choice Entry #5

    I also like the photos of family with santas in entry #6. :)

  • Kim 20.12.07

    thank you Diane and Sandra..
    your votes have been counted :)

  • Unknown 20.12.07

    Entry # 2 of Colins daughter should win the portrait for Christmas so as Colin can cherish his daughters picture as shes is now full of youth and excitement and Colin can always have a portrait of Daddys little girl in this Christmas Portrait. And Also entry #4 Pruple Frogs Cat is also one I want to give my vote for it is very nice picture. Thanks

  • Unknown 20.12.07

    I want to give my vote TO Colins daughter whom I think will make a beutiful Christmas Portrait and also this way Colin could always have a portrait of his daughter as she is now and time cannot touch her looks she will always remain Daddys Little girl

  • MikeFitz 20.12.07

    I vote for Entry #7, Ærchie.

    Wearing a Santa suit is hard work at any time. Wearing a Santa suit at 40C (that's 104F) on a salt pan in a southern hemisphere summer - AND SURVIVING is an outstanding achievement.

  • Kim 20.12.07

    thanks Segoviaruth
    your vote has been counted for Colin and "Daddy's Little Girl" :)

    thanks for your vote Mike
    and I agree !!!!
    outstanding !!!
    and the photo speaks a thousand words :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 21.12.07

    I like them all and they are all worthy, so that's no help, is it?!

    I guess if I HAD to choose, I also would go for a portrait of Colin's daughter, as her smile is so radiant and engaging and we would love for Colin to have your portrait of her hanging on his wall.

    Diane, I can't imagine how you must feel. How do these guys do this kind of thing without crippling guilt?

    I don't know if I would handle it as well as you. I think you're a wonderful, strong, and devoted mom for thinking about your boys' welfare above your own feelings. Your time will come.

  • Anonymous 21.12.07

    I must vote for Ærchie's desert pic too, because, in the true spirit of Christmas, he is (OK, was) bringing the joy of the season to those less fortunate than ourselves.
    Besides, I think doing his portrait would tax even your marvelous talent and therefore allow you some Christmas growth, too!

  • Anonymous 21.12.07

    It is impossible to vote, Kim!
    Want to consider having multiple winners? I would vote for you doing a portrait of all of them!

  • Kim 21.12.07

    thanks for your vote and comments Lynda... :)
    I agree ...a very difficult choice .....

    LOL Cybe R. Wizard
    I think a portrait of Archie...wouldn't be as taxing as the giraffes and zebras that I have been painting this week ;)

    haha Jos.....
    all I would need are 6 assistants or perhaps a clone or two...
    ummm do you paint ???

  • azahar 21.12.07

    Am I too late to vote? If not, I vote for Archie in number 7.

  • Anonymous 21.12.07

    I vote for Ærchie. He's definitely the hardest-working Santa in showbiz!

  • Anonymous 21.12.07

    No, Kim, I don't paint. And the world should be grateful for that..

    But if I could, I would help you rewarding all these wonderful submissions with a portrait. I think they all deserve it.

    If you are still counting votes, If I would be forced to make a choice with a knif to my throat, I would vote for Purplefrogthingy and Colin :))

  • Kim 21.12.07

    you're not too late Azahar ...
    and your vote is in ...thank you

    thanks Raincoaster...
    got your vote for the hardworking Santa :)

    hi Jos
    thanks for your votes....
    I am counting the first vote when there are more than I will register your vote for Kimmy....
    I hope your neck will be ok :0
    and never say learning how to paint is not that difficult...much easier than having your authority recognised by Technorati :0 it seems :)

  • 23.12.07

    Definitely a ground swell for Archie ... he has my vote.

  • Kim 23.12.07

    thanks for calling in
    Fromthebacknine :)

    the winner has been announced here

  • Kim 23.12.07

    This competition is now closed...
    regards Kim

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