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Top 101 Artists' Blogs List

1 December 2007 109 comments

Top 101 Artists' Blogs List

  • Top 101 Artists' Blogs (About)

  • Top 101 Artists' Blogs - Update 29/12/07

  • Top 101 Artists' Blogs - Update 31/1/08

  • Top 10

    Emila's Illustrated Blog
    Authority: 447
    Rank: 9,757
    Authority: 353
    Rank: 13,578
    The BenSpark
    Authority: 276
    Rank: 18,625
    Artmaker: Art, Writings and Comics by Ming
    Authority: 139
    Rank: 44,842
    Leanne Wildermuth : Artist by Nature Blog
    Authority: 135
    Rank: 46,326
    Making a Mark
    Authority: 107
    Rank: 60,932
    Carol Marine's Painting a Day
    Authority: 101
    Rank: 65,568
    Non dairy Diary
    Authority: 94
    Rank: 71,974
    New Work and Inspiration
    Authority: 84
    Rank: 82,932
    Authority: 77
    Rank: 92,012

    Top 20

    Much of a muchness
    Authority: 76
    Rank: 93,462
    Authority: 74
    Rank: 96,541
    Ascender Rises Above
    Authority: 69
    Rank: 104,933
    Artist Hideout
    Authority: 65
    Rank: 112,625
    Jana’s Journal and Sketch Blog
    Authority: 65
    Rank: 112,625
    Sketching, Travel Sketching, Illustrated/Travel/Art Journals : Trumpetvine
    Authority: 64
    Rank: 138,102
    Meditation Photography
    Authority: 62
    Rank: 119,246
    Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog
    Authority: 59
    Rank: 126,758
    Paintings in Oil
    Authority: 58
    Rank: 129,395
    The Illustrated Garden
    Authority: 55
    Rank: 137,774

    Top 30

    Calamity Kim
    Authority: 55
    Rank: 137,774
    The Portrait Party
    Authority: 52
    Rank: 147,290
    Photography by KML
    Authority: 51
    Rank: 150,747
    Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together
    Authority: 51
    Rank: 150,747
    rue Manuel bis
    Authority: 50
    Rank: 154,301
    Teri's Painted Daisies
    Authority: 47
    Rank: 166,367
    Arts & Stuff
    Authority: 46
    Rank: 170,597
    Colorado Art Studio
    Authority: 46
    Rank: 170,597
    Authority: 44
    Rank: 179,530
    Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion
    Authority: 43
    Rank: 184,350

    Top 40

    The EDM SuperBlog
    Authority: 39
    Rank: 205,230
    Floating Lemons: Bit by Bit Blog
    Authority: 37
    Rank: 217,579
    ~The Art of Life~
    Authority: 36
    Rank: 224,227
    Authority: 35
    Rank: 231,062
    Peripheral Vision - Inner Sights by Lynda Lehmann
    Authority: 34
    Rank: 238,665
    Drawing on Nature
    Authority: 32
    Rank: 254,861
    Authority: 32
    Rank: 254,861
    Authority: 30
    Rank: 273,240
    Kathleen Rietz - Artist
    Authority: 30
    Rank: 273,240
    Ellis Nadler's Sketchbook
    Authority: 30
    Rank: 273,240

    Top 50

    Authority: 29
    Rank: 283,266
    Have Dogs, Will Travel
    Authority: 26
    Rank: 317,977
    Jeannette's Illustration Sketchblog
    Authority: 26
    Rank: 317,977
    Daily Painting Practice
    Authority: 25
    Rank: 331,293
    An Artist's Journal
    Authority: 23
    Rank: 360,865
    paintings prints and stuff
    Authority: 22
    Rank: 377,609
    Authority: 22
    Rank: 377,609
    Pollocksthebollocks’s Weblog
    Authority: 22
    Rank: 377,609
    Morrgan's Creatures
    Authority: 22
    Rank: 377,609
    The Colorist
    Authority: 21
    Rank: 395,824

    Top 60

    mARTa's Art
    Authority: 21
    Rank: 395,824
    draw the line
    Authority: 21
    Rank: 395,824
    Janeys Journey
    Authority: 21
    Rank: 395,824
    Illustrated Life
    Authority: 20
    Rank: 415,686
    Authority: 20
    Rank: 415,686
    Travels with a Sketchbook in.......
    Authority: 19
    Rank: 437,475
    Searen Art and Design
    Authority: 18
    Rank: 461,534
    Emele’s Blog.
    Authority: 18
    Rank: 461,534
    Indigo Blah
    Authority: 18
    Rank: 461,534
    Authority: 17
    Rank: 487,964

    Top 70

    Authority: 17
    Rank: 487,964
    A Painting A Day Daily Postcard Paintings by Manuela Valenti
    Authority: 17
    Rank: 487,964
    MiKa Art Blog
    Authority: 16
    Rank: 517,455 my spare time
    Authority: 16
    Rank: 517,455
    Authority: 16
    Rank: 517,455
    The Sunday Painter
    Authority: 16
    Rank: 517,455
    Intangible Arts
    Authority: 16
    Rank: 517,455
    Auntie Mim's dog house
    Authority: 15
    Rank: 550,426
    artful life
    Authority: 15
    Daily Paintings by Ria Hills
    Authority: 14
    Rank: 587,893

    Top 80

    Texas Painter Leslie Sealey
    Authority: 14
    Rank: 587,893
    Lori's Stormy Art and Daily Paintings
    Authority: 14
    Rank: 587,893
    Works of Many Colors
    Authority: 13
    Rank: 629,416
    Lisa Lorenz Studio Blog
    Authority: 12
    Rank: 676,883
    kitty art
    Authority: 12
    Rank: 676,883
    Chris Bolmeier Art
    Authority: 12
    Rank: 676,883
    drawings & sketches - dibujandoarte
    Authority: 12
    Rank: 676,883
    Pastel and Paint: Lesly Finn's Art
    Authority: 11
    Rank: 731,678
    Cracked Ego
    Authority: 11
    Rank: 731,678
    Jo Castillo Art Blog
    Authority: 11
    Rank: 731,678

    Top 90

    Authority: 11
    Rank: 731,678
    Painting Each Day
    Authority: 11
    Rank: 731,678
    Delineate Design
    Authority: 11
    Rank: 731,678
    Angie Reed Garner
    Authority: 10
    Rank: 795,643
    Rose's Art Lines
    Authority: 10
    Rank: 795,643
    Watercolour Artist Diary
    Authority: 10
    Rank: 795,643
    Authority: 10
    Rank: 795,643
    My Quest to Make a Living as a Comic Book Superhero Artist
    Authority: 9
    Rank: 871,446
    Art & Life
    Authority: 9
    Rank: 871,446
    Daily Miniature Paintings
    Authority: 9
    Rank: 871,446

    Top 101

    ArtsSpot - Original and Unique Drawings and Paintings
    Authority: 8
    Rank: 962,510
    The Itinerant Artist
    Authority: 8
    Rank: 962,510
    Rembrandt etc. - "Daily Paintings" by Bobbi Dunlop
    Authority: 8
    Rank: 962,510
    Authority: 7
    Rank: 1,138,025
    Wax Art
    Authority: 6
    Rank: 1,212,405
    A Multi-Colored Life
    Authority: 6
    Rank: 1,212,405
    Authority: 6
    Rank: 1,212,405
    Angela's Art
    Authority: 6
    Rank: 1,212,405
    Moskovitz Art Studio
    Authority: 5
    Rank: 1,391,575
    Oil Painting Studies by Dennis Albertson
    Authority: 5
    Rank: 1,391,575
    Brendy Vaughn's Art Journal
    Authority: 5
    Rank: 1,391,575

    My Predictions

    Studio McCann
    Authority: 4
    Rank: 1,644,723
    Matthew Carter - Portraits
    Authority: 4
    Rank: 1,644,723
    Cordelia's Art Place
    Authority: 3
    Rank: 2,124,856
    Authority: 3
    Rank: 2,124,856
    Blank Canvas
    Authority: 3
    Rank: 2,124,856
    My Paint Box
    Authority: 3
    Rank: 2,124,856
    Daily Paintings, experiments and thoughts.
    Authority: 3
    Rank: 2,124,856
    get painted !!!!
    Authority: 3
    Rank: 2,209,027
    Wendy Prior Fine Art
    Authority: 2
    Rank: 2,910,025
    Little Paintings
    Authority: 2
    Rank: 2,910,025
    aRt De Me
    Authority: 2
    Rank: 2,910,025
    A State of Art Portraits
    Authority: 2
    Rank: 2,910,025
    The Creative Butterfly
    Authority: 2
    Rank: 2,910,025
    A sketch in time
    Authority: 1
    Rank: 4,446,976
    Authority: 1
    Rank: 4,446,976

    New listings for this month will be included in January update:

    The Phoenix & The Harley
    Authority: 1
    Rank: 4,446,976
    Nat Dickinson Doing Art
    Authority: 18
    Rank: 461,534
    Jafabrit's Art
    Authority: 53
    Rank: 143,900
    Thousand Sketches
    Authority: 14
    Rank: 587,893
    Authority: 131
    Rank: 47,970
    Works by Tracy Helgeson
    Authority: 63
    Rank: 116,930
    Artist, Emerging
    Authority: 36
    Rank: 224,227
    Creative Every Day
    Authority: 114
    Rank: 56,528
    Everything is Contextual
    Authority: 28
    Rank: 294,012
    odd neighbor
    Authority: 81
    Rank: 86,590
    Authority: 29
    Rank: 283,266
    La Casuni
    Authority: 32
    Rank: 254,861
    The Diary Project
    Authority: 27
    Rank: 305,717
    Up All Night Again
    Authority: 63
    Rank: 116,930
    Auntie Mim's
    Authority: 16
    Rank: 517,455
    Claudine Hellmuth
    Authority: 347
    Rank: 13,872
    Fiji Island Mermaid Press
    Authority: 15
    Rank: 550,426
    Art & Observations
    Authority: 7
    Rank: 1,072,771
    Tinker Art
    Authority: 40
    Rank: 199,700
    Authority: 15
    Rank: 550,426
    Images and Imagination
    Authority: 13
    Rank: 629,416

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    I will be updating the list at the end of every month.

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    Top 101 Artists' Blogs List

    Further information on Technorati Authority and Ranking
    by Dorion Carroll at:

    Technorati Authority and Rank

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    Top 50 Australian Women’s Blogs
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    Best 101 Lists
    Pearl at Interesting Observations

    This list was compiled on the 27th November 2007
    If your blog is not listed....please leave the name of your blog and URL in the comments section of this post........

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    Blogging as Popularity Contest
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    109 comments: to “ Top 101 Artists' Blogs List so far...

    • emilayusof 1.12.07

      Cool! I'm the top one? Yay! Thanks Laketree! Can I brag about this in my blog?

    • Anonymous 1.12.07

      Ooh, Kim, this was quite a task! Fascinating reading and such a good reference resource.

      Thank you so much for doing this...

      Glad you are back :)

    • Leanne 1.12.07

      Wow - thanks for putting this together, I had no idea I was in the top ten, let alone the top 100!

    • Kim 1.12.07

      you certainly can Emila :)
      and you're welcome :)

      my pleasure Diane :)...
      it is handy isn't it....
      it's good to be back !!!!

      you're welcome Leanne :)

    • Anonymous 1.12.07

      What an impression list Kim - you've really done a good job (as always) and I'm going to Digg it :-)

      Btw: I do understand why you moderate, but where do I put in ?

    • Lynda Lehmann 1.12.07

      Thanks for posting this Kim. It must have been a lot of work!

      You are at the top, as I had expected. Congratulations!

      I guess my being in the top 40isn't bad for having started only five months ago.

      I've stumbled the page for you and us!

      Thanks for the list, now we all have many more sites to explore!

      (Where can I find the definition of "page rank" and "authority"?)

    • Kim 1.12.07

      hi Renny
      thanks...I'm not sure what happens with your address in comment moderation ...I will check it out and let you know....thanks for the offer to Digg.....much appreciated :) :-X

    • Unknown 1.12.07

      nice job !

    • Kim 1.12.07

      about 3 days work Lynda :)
      and # 35 is an excellent place to be after 5 months...
      thanks so much for the stumble :=X

      authority = Technorati number of links to your blog over the last month

      rank = your ranking at Technorati...the lower the number...the higher you are up the ladder :)
      your ranking is based on your authority at Technorati ....

    • Heartaday 1.12.07

      Thank you for including me! I'm looking forward to checking out the other artists on the list.

      Looks like I have some work to do. I've never understood how the authority thing worked until now.

      Thanks again. I will link to you from my blog.


    • Kim 1.12.07

      thanks Phoenixandharley...
      will check out your blog :)

      you're welcome Gretchen ..
      and thanks very much :)

    • Kim 1.12.07

      hey Diane
      muchas gracios for the Digg Submit
      and stumble too :)
      ditto Lynda :)

      hey Renny
      it seems blogger has just changed there comment system for non blogger bloggers ...will see if there is a way around it :)

    • kml 1.12.07

      Thanks so much, Kim, for including me in your list! It is an honor to be in such good company - many thanks for your work in putting it together!


    • Kim 1.12.07

      you're welcome Kathy :)
      and it's my pleasure :)

    • Pearl 1.12.07

      Oh WOW.. this is an awesome list :) can't wait to see all the beautiful blogs... So you spent most of your vacation blogging? :) thats some dedication :) thanks...

    • Kim 1.12.07

      haha Pearl
      you were my inspiration :)...
      and all of these blogs are well and truly worth visiting.....
      it took me about 3 days this week....with painting breaks in between :0
      thanks for the Digg too !!!!

    • BillyWarhol 1.12.07

      Warhol Approved!!


      Rock On Artists! Rock On!!


    • Kim 1.12.07

      hey thanks Billie
      the Warhol seal of approval...
      what can I say :) :=X

    • Anonymous 2.12.07

      Wow I made the top 30!!


    • caseytoussaint 2.12.07

      Thank you so much for including me, Kim - what an honor to be in such illustrious company.

    • Anonymous 2.12.07

      Congrats Kim, what an waesome list it is too :)

      Quite a few I am familiar with, and there are some to learn more about.

      Dugg....have a great weekend,

    • Kim 2.12.07

      good for you Jani :)

      you're very welcome Casey :)

      thanks and quite a bit of reading for you Colin...haha
      thanks for the Digg mate!!!
      and a great weekend to you too :)

      ps clever you has found a way around Google discriminating against non blogger blogs with your hyperlink....
      I just worked out how to get around it myself....10/10 to ya :)

    • Kim 2.12.07

      thanks for the Digg too Casey :)

    • Jan Allsopp 2.12.07

      Hi Kim, This is my first visit to your blog and I find I'm on your list! Thank you. I love finding another Australian blog. I'm taking blogging a bit slowly at the moment due to study commitments but I'll be active again soon. I'll be back to check out your blog some more.

    • Teri 2.12.07

      Thanks so much for including me on the list with so many other wonderful artists!! I am honored!

    • Kim 2.12.07

      hi Jan...
      yes we have to promote our Aussie Artists :)
      maybe I need to do a subcategory just for Aussie Artist Bloggers...
      all the best with your studies :)

      you're welcome Teri...
      it's an honour for me too :)
      without all of you blogging artists I wouldn't have had a list..:)

    • Lisa Call 2.12.07

      Interesting list - thanks for the work compiling it. Pretty surprising to see my blog in the top 10, hm...

    • Kim 2.12.07

      my pleasure Lisa. :)

    • Nat 3.12.07

      Interesting list... I'll need to check back. Would love to be listed for


      Nat Dickinson

    • Kim 3.12.07

      I have filed your site Nat...
      and will update at the end of the month....
      at present you are in the top 60 (with an authority of 18)... :)
      thanks for your URL...

    • suzanne cabrera 4.12.07

      Wow, thank you so very much for including my blog on your list. I'm stunned, astonished, astounded to see that I'm in the Top Ten. Can this really be right?!?!?

      Thank you again. By the way, your painting of Tamika is gorgeous...and I love the scale!

    • Kim 4.12.07

      you're welcome and thank you Suzanne....
      if you know of any artists with blogs (not on the list) please let me know :)
      this list was culled from Technorati and based on my research... :)

    • Elizabeth Perry 5.12.07

      A wonderful list - so much to explore here, thank you!

      I draw and post daily on my blog, "woolgathering..."

    • Kim 5.12.07

      I have added your blog to the new listings section Elizabeth...
      you have a delightful site with some wonderful drawings :)

    • Tracy Helgeson 5.12.07

      Hi Kim, So nice to see this sort of list! I have always wondered about the rankings of some of my favorite blogs. I wouldn't mind being included as well, here is my technorati.

    • Kim 6.12.07

      thanks Tracy...
      will certainly include your blog and thanks for the Technorati link.... :)

    • Deanna 6.12.07

      Great list!

      Here's my blog:

    • Anonymous 6.12.07

      Interesting list! Here's my blog:


    • juj 6.12.07

      What a great list - so many of my favorites there, plus lots of new ones for me to check out. Thanks for posting it. Here's mine:

      Everything is Contextual
      Authority: 28
      Rank: 294,012

    • Kim 6.12.07

      thanks Deanna
      will check out your blog and add today :)

      hi Katspaws.. (interesting name )
      I see you are using the new openid....good to see that it's working through typekey :)
      will add your blog today..

      thanks Juj
      10/10 for giving me your information too ....very efficient.... :)
      will add to new listings today and...if I ever need an assistant...... :D

    • vivien 7.12.07

      I'm in the top 50 - I can't believe it!!!!!

      I wouldn't have known where to find info like this!

      thanks :)

    • Catnapping 7.12.07

      i see many of my favorites here. nice job.

    • Kim 7.12.07

      you're welcome Vivien :))
      and I'm glad you like it :)

      hi Catnapping...
      (cute avatar)...thanks for the info....I'll put you in new listings today..... :)

    • Casey Klahn 8.12.07

      Thanks again, Kim. My Technorati score is now crawling back up and is at 25. Next week TheColorist turns 1 year old, and I will be stealing the audience GIF idea that you used for yours. I hope you'll be flattered by that!

    • Kim 8.12.07

      haha I am Casey :)
      I'm glad to hear that your ranking is going up....and congratulations to you for your up and coming blog birthday....
      tip on the audience gif.....if it doesn't animate when you upload it to your blog....upload it through a photo sharing site like worked for me...
      good luck and have a great weekend :)

    • anandi 8.12.07

      Thanks a lot KIM!
      btw.. I think there is a problem with Technorati. It is not showing my blog name correctly. Please update it.

    • Kim 8.12.07

      hi Anandi
      what would you like me to update your name to ???

    • anandi 8.12.07

      You can use my tagline "IMPROVISING VERSATILITY"
      or you can use my name "Anand"

    • Kim 8.12.07

      will do Anand :)

    • v a l e r i a c i s 9.12.07

      great! I wish I could join you!

    • BoydGreeneArt 9.12.07

      I never would have thought my blog would even of come close to ranking so high. Congratulations on yours an amazing achievement through a lot of hard word and kind hospitality!

    • Anonymous 10.12.07

      hi Valeria..
      I have added you to the new listings :)
      your illustrations are lovely :)

      I wasn't surprised at all Boyd....
      you have a wonderful blog....with exceptional artwork...
      thanks for dropping by :)

    • Kirsty 10.12.07

      Neat list, I saw some familiar names but there's masses of people I don't know that I'll enjoy checking out.

      I'd appreciate being considered for future lists.

      Up All Night Again and The Diary Project

    • Kim 10.12.07

      hi Kirsty
      I have put your blogs in the new listings...
      fascinating work and great concept with your Diary Project :)

    • claudine hellmuth 11.12.07

      what a great list! I'd like to throw my hat in:

      here are my technorati stats as of today:

      Authority: 348
      Rank: 13,829

    • Kim 11.12.07

      thanks for leaving your stats Claudine...
      you have some great artwork....a very unique style.....I'll add you to the new listings today.....:)

    • imwithsully 13.12.07

      Thank you thank you for adding me to the list!!!!!! I am flattered!

    • Kim 13.12.07

      you're very welcome Sully...:)

    • Marc Snyder 14.12.07

      Great compilation! Might I add my blog to it? . . .

      Fiji Island Mermaid Press

      Last I checked its "authority" (that word always strikes me as a bit much) was 15.

    • Willie Baronet 14.12.07

      Howdy! Just found out about this and saw I'm number 44. Which is really amazing, as my lucky number is 4. It follows me around like a dog.

      Anyway, thanks for the listing, and for the info on how it works. Keep up the great work! ;-)

    • AscenderRisesAbove 14.12.07

      thanks for going through all this work; it must have taking days (and days) to calculate. I tried to crunch the numbers; 50.5 hours if you spent a half hour on each blog!

    • Catnapping 14.12.07

      Thank you for including me for this next year's list.

      I'm not sure what technorati bases their "authority" on...i've gone from 81 to 88 in the last few i'm not sure if it's trustworthy. it can't be number of links, because this time last year i had more people linking to me, but only a 77 authority...

      I wish they'd let us in on their secrets. LOL

      I think it's so cool that you have tried to sift through their system to try and find all of us. I think illustration blogs make an important contribution to the ether. I'd still be farting around with my silly anecdotes if I hadn't happened onto bloggers like anonymous and valgal...and sites like Illustration Friday.

      Artists ROCK!

    • Josh (musarter) 14.12.07

      Cool list. I see many a bloggers here that I visit often. Please consider my humble blog in the future.

      Thanks for your hard work and interest in the art blog world.

    • Tinker 14.12.07

      I just found your list via Tammy V. at Women, Art, Life - what a lot of work this must have been - so many new links to follow.
      I'm still trying to figure out the whole Technorati experience - I just found that I'm at 199,700 with 40 authorities - at least for today ( ,) and I have no idea what that means really still, but it's intriguing me...
      To qualify for your list, do blogs have to be art only? Or can they include photos and writing as well as art?
      Thanks again for sharing so many fun art links to follow.

    • Kim 14.12.07

      thanks Marc...
      will add your blog to new listings today....and yes your blog has an 'authority' of 15..... :)

      hi Willie...
      you're welcome...
      your line drawings are very Picasso-esque
      ps.. thanks for putting the badge on your blog...

      hi Ascender...
      I think it took me about 3 was compiling the tables that took longer ...
      thanks for the mention at your blog...fantastic Christmas Tags !!!

      hi Catnapping...
      it's great to be finding new art blogs every day.....
      I know the authority changes on a daily basis ....depending on the links to your can read about it here
      Top 101 Artists' Blogs (About)
      or here

      thanks Josh...
      I will add your blog to the new listings as well.....

      hi Tinker
      I'm including photography blogs...
      I see yours is a combination of illustration and I'll put your blog in the new listings :)

    • Angela Matteson 14.12.07

      Great list!
      I'll be checking out many of these artist's sites.

      I have a little artist's blog at:

    • Kim 15.12.07

      thanks Angela ...
      lovely illustrations !
      I will put your blog in the new listings today...

    • Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ 16.12.07

      Wow! Thanks so much for adding me to the list. What an honor! And thanks for compiling this. I always love to find new art blogs to read. :)

    • Kim 16.12.07

      you're welcome Kasie !
      your CP Portraits are stunning !!!

    • Unknown 19.12.07

      Hi Kim,
      I have no idea what's this all about but this is a nice list of artist's blogs I would like to check out one by one.

      Mine is on

    • Kim 20.12.07

      thanks for submitting your blog Petra ...
      I will put it in my new listings today :)

    • Unknown 20.12.07

      Really? Thanks a lot Kim - very kind of you.

    • Unknown 20.12.07

      Kim, I forgot one thing - please what's this technorati thing all about and how is this 101 artists blogs list compiled from? I don't understand the game - I feel like a dummy...

    • Kim 20.12.07

      you're welcome Petra !
      it would be best if you read the bottom section of this post where it says
      101 Top Artists' Blogs (About)
      There is a link to Technorati in that section that explains Rank and Authority....
      however the moment Technorati is proving rather unstable with it's authority and ranking I may have to look at alternatives if they do not fix their problem

      Rank and Authority
      Technorati Authority is the number of blogs linking to a website in the last six months. The higher the number, the more Technorati Authority the blog has.

      It is important to note that we measure the number of blogs, rather than the number of links. So, if a blog links to your blog many times, it still only count as +1 toward your authority. Of course, new links mean the +1 will last another 180 days.

      Technorati Rank is calculated based on how far you are from the top. The blog with the hightest Technorati Authority is the #1 ranked blog. The smaller your Technorati Rank, the closer you are to the top.

    • dibujandoarte 20.12.07

      Hi! I wanted to thank you for including me in the list. I didn't know such list existed. Greetings, Martín.
      PS I added the badge in my blog ;)

    • Kim 20.12.07

      hi Martin...
      it was a pleasure visiting your site ...
      thank you :)

    • Unknown 21.12.07

      Hi Kim,
      thank you very much for your explanations. Now I understand - I always thought that technorati is just another blog provider but I see now that's real statistics. Boy - I am so behind all this.
      But now I have "claimed" both of my blogs - LOL. This is going to be real fun although I am sure I am not going to win the popularity crown - never mind - that's life...

    • Kim 21.12.07

      I'm pleased the information helped Petra....and good luck with Technorati :)

    • Melanie 1.1.08

      Hello! I've no idea how I stumbled upon this... But it's way cool!
      An awesome list - and nice to see all these blogs in one place to go check them all out.

      I'd love to be included!

      Cheers and Happy New Year!!

    • Kim 3.1.08

      hi Melanie...
      will add your blog to the new listings in my December update post for February...
      Happy New Year to you too :)

    • Brian McKenzie 7.1.08

      I have a blog of my weird and wonderful printmaking. I hope it'll be included and climb high..
      blog name
      Brian McKenzie

    • Kim 8.1.08

      hi Brian ...
      thanks for leaving your have a fascinating site...
      I have added you to the new listings in my December post :)

    • wildharmonic 12.1.08

      Fantastic list!

      If you are still adding links, here's mine...

    • Linda Blondheim 12.1.08

      Congrats to all the winners. Nice of you to compile this list.
      Linda Blondheim

    • Kim 12.1.08

      thanks Gabe and Linda...
      will add you to new listings today

    • mike r baker 18.1.08

      This is a useful list! Thanks!

      I'd like to think that I'm an artist myself (a low rank of 29):


    • Kim 19.1.08

      hi Mike
      I will add your blog to the new listings today :)
      ps great avatar !!

    • Anonymous 26.1.08

      Thanks so much for including me on the list with so many other wonderful artists!!

    • Rowan Dodds 13.2.08

      What an interesting list.
      Here are the details of my blog:
      Rowan Dodds Illustration

    • Kim 13.2.08

      your very welcome Oyun indir :)

      I have added your blog to new listings Rowan....great to see a fellow Aussie here :)

    • ruth 25.2.08

      thanks for such a nice comment on my blog!

      i can't really understand why you haven't got julian listed on your top 101 artist blogs, as, after duane keiser, he was the next person to do daily paintings (there must now be 500 or so following suit now?), and, after three years,he is just approaching his 1000th daily painting.

    • Kim 25.2.08

      Is this site a blog and has it been claimed at Technorati...because I cannot find it listed....could you please provide URL and name of the blog as listed at Technorati ?

    • Christine Mercer-Vernon 26.2.08

      Very Cool! I don't know how you find the time to do this, but very cool! i frequent so many of these blogs. i'd be honored just to make the almost list :)

      Great job!

    • Kim 26.2.08

      I have searched Technorati for your blog but cannot find it ...have you claimed your blog at Technorati ??

    • Anonymous 16.4.08

      A wonderful list - so much to explore here, thank you!

      Its indeed a cool blog ; I saw a many others .....But you are out of the league...

    • jafabrit 3.5.08

      oh poo I didn't make it this time around :(

      How long did it take you to complile this Kim?

      Hey how is your arm/shoulder?

    • Kim 3.5.08

      hey Corrine you are looking at an old list...
      you are # 19 on my latest update here.. :)
      the shoulder's a little stiff ...ughhh

    • Anonymous 28.7.08

      thank you very nice

    • Linda Blondheim 11.8.08

      Hi Kim,
      I don't see my blog on the list anymore. I'm sad but enjoyed getting up to the 60 top blogs a short time ago. Thanks for all the work you do for art bloggers.

    • Kim 11.8.08

      hello Linda..
      this is an old list...
      you are no 68 on the most recent update here
      I will be changing the list to an artists' directory soon about it on my front page... :)

    • Anonymous 7.9.08

      Really great list, lots of sites I haven't seen, thank you for posting!

    • Anonymous 5.10.08

      This podcast series offers information relating to “ A Painting a Day Movement.”
      -Hall Groat II
      Professor of Art
      Broome Community College









    • Kim 5.10.08

      you're welcome artschooltv :)

      thanks for this comprehensive list Hall Groat..
      I'll add your blog to the new directory and your related links to the links page there too..
      this information is invaluable ..
      thank you...

    • Andrea Agnes Bodi 1.3.09

    • Anonymous 24.3.09

      This is a fantastic resource - I was just googling for some inspiration for a couple of new projects, and found this - now I need never look anywhere else!

    • Teri 16.5.09

      Thanks for all the work you do on this list and I am excited to be here.

      Can I use the logo for my blog? Is there a special way to make it link back here?

    • Richard Del Ponte artist 28.5.09

      Great Blog !!!

    • Patrice 30.9.09

      I'm a relative newbie - still trying to work it all out.

      This is me:

    • Simon 2.10.09

      Great site and portfolio! There's a warm sense of community here.


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