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10 December 2007 19 comments

A Work in Progress

Click to zoomI had some time last week to start Africa........this one is rather large and I'm painting this in oils on gallery wrapped canvas......
I still have 2 lions and an alligator to put in with the 4 zebras and 2 giraffes...
I'm using sunset pics from my balcony as reference for the sky.....

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19 comments: to “ Africa so far...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 10.12.07

    Great to see an original from origin... so to speak. I think this painting will be outstanding Kim (they always are)
    My personal favorites when it comes to art, have been larger paintings. I'm not sure why. Could be that you visualize them from a distance, and are able to see tones and shades blend together.

    That and my eyes are old and SHOT!! Thank goodness for corrective lenses.

    Thanks for the stop, your friend Eric

  • Kim 10.12.07

    thanks Eric
    I have found it difficult to paint anything under a metre since I painted my murals......and I do love larger than life :0
    my eyes are pretty bad too...that bad I have problems finding my glasses...
    a great day to you !!!

  • anandi 10.12.07

    Yellow & Red..
    One of my favourite combinations..
    You would have seen that small artwork I did on Independence Day of India.
    Looks good to me!!

  • Kim 10.12.07

    thanks Anand...
    it's a good colour combination isn't it....
    and your Independence Day is very patriotic !
    I'm hoping to have this finished before Christmas :)

  • Diane 11.12.07

    I like it already! The scale of this painting is so in keeping with the vastness of the African landscape - are we going to get regular updates? I hope so, it will be a fascinating insight to how you paint :)

  • Kim 11.12.07

    thanks Diane...
    yes it's going on a very long wall so the size and format will fit into the proposed decor quite nicely ...
    I'd love to paint this as a mural :)
    I'll try to do regular updates.....
    haha....hopefully it won't be too many ;)

  • Anonymous 11.12.07

    OOoooooo, I can hardly wait for you to complete this one, Kim. It's one that I'd love to have in my home. *hint, *hint.

  • Kim 11.12.07

    haha MA
    I thought this one might be right down your alley !!!
    Congratulations on your openid launch at your blog too :))

  • Anonymous 11.12.07

    Thanks Girly! I think I botched it though. My OpenId goes to my profile doggone it. I'm trying to set it up like you did Laketrees for when I'm out low riding on the net. We'll see which way this mop flops, won't we?

    I really enjoy bold colors. My home is an array of colors. I get a lot of compliments on it. This piece of yours would do it proud... ahem. Just in case you really wanted to know. ~:o)

  • Kim 11.12.07

    hmmmm MA
    are you typing in your blog URL? which open Id are you using?....
    Debbie Dolphin explains it all better at her site...which is set up like mine..
    haha I can just picture your place being wild with bold colour :)
    for some reason I see a lot of sunflower yellow :)

  • Anonymous 11.12.07

    Sunshine yellow isn't even a splattering at my joint although there are varying shades of yellow in bits and pieces scattered around.

    I'm going to see what type of damage I've done with this latest attempt at OpenId to see if it will lead to the blog instead of to my profile.

  • Kim 11.12.07

    yikes !!!

  • Lynda Lehmann 11.12.07

    Looks like you're embarking on a very ambitious painting, Kim. I like them large, too! You can really take in the color, texture and detail from across the room, so much more so than with a small work. There's a real difference in visual impact. And isn't that what it's all about?

    Can't wait to see it "populated" with all those animals!

    Your balcony looks beautiful.

  • Marina 11.12.07

    I think I hafta sign in using my google acct with this thang.

  • Marina 11.12.07

    Clicking on your ID also takes me to your profile as it does mine. I reckon that for it to be any other way would mean that I would need a WP account or use some other acct of mine, like with AOHell or sumpin..

  • Kim 11.12.07

    hi Lynda
    thanks....the balcony is a great width and good for lighting......
    you're right seeing the big picture really helps when you work on this scale :)

  • Kim 11.12.07

    yeah myopenid is not working now MA
    will keep trying to see if it works could be a glitch on their side....

  • Anonymous 11.12.07

    testing openid

  • Anonymous 11.12.07

    that worked MA...
    I had to make sure that I was signed into myopenid site first !!!

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