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For Christmas and all through the year...

23 December 2007 27 comments

May You Always Have an Angel by Your Side

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A very Special Thank You to Anand for designing this superb Ambigram of my name...
it's are a very clever artist!!!!!! and I love it !!!!

Check out Anand's wonderful blog of Ambigrams, Typography & Photographs at Engross and his other terrific blog - Improvising versatility

Christmas Posts

Christmas Photos 2007

Africa WIP

An Australian Christmas

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all of my Readers....

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27 comments: to “ For Christmas and all through the year... so far...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 23.12.07

    There are angels among us, sometimes they are closer than you think! Very lovely card :)

    An ambigram and a link train? I see you are a multi-tasker. Talented in many ways, you are.

    I hope THIS Christmas present will do... from me to you... Not much, but it is what you asked for.

    Have a absolutely wonderful holiday Kim.

    Eric from "Speedy Hollydale"

  • Kim 23.12.07

    haha Eric
    and I just added a Christmas Quiz too...
    I'm afraid I couldn't help myself !!!
    oooh....I love surprises ...I'm on my way :)

  • anandi 23.12.07

    Hi Kim,

    It's ok with me.
    Consider it as a Christmas gift from a blog friend.
    Feel free to post it.


  • Ryanwhiteorchid 23.12.07


    I saw your comment about my oganisation and thought I would stop by your blog to say, the site has changed and that I appreciate your comments.


  • Kim 23.12.07

    Thanks very much Anand...
    have a Happy Christmas :)

    What is the name of your organisation Ryan?...

  • anandi 23.12.07

    it's my pleasure..

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    Thanks for your link love Kim and Merry Christmas - or as we say it in Norway : 'God Jul' to you and your family too!

    RennyBA's Terella

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    Hi Kim,
    Welcome aboard the Linky Love Train :)
    I'm sureit will be a wonderful journey throughout the blogospere as we go intercontinental..
    I will add you to my list of passengers when I get 5 spare minutes lol
    Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas,

    *Hugs* to you my dear friend

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    you're welcome Renny :)
    God Jul to you and your family :=X

    a spare minute Colin....
    what's that???
    have a wonderful Christmas day tomorrow :)
    :=X :=X

  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    Hello Kim! Just wanted to stop by and say... Best Wishes for A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! Your Brazilian Friend from Blogging to Fame, Renato de Trindade

  • Diane 24.12.07

    Have a very happy Christmas, Kim. Your kindness has been just like having an angel by my side... you have been a lovely new blogging friend - thank you.
    Your Christmas photos are lovely-the golden pair are shining as ever!
    Bestest wishes


  • Anonymous 24.12.07

    hi Renato...
    thanks for your good wishes and the merriest of Christmases to you too my BTF friend :=X

    Ohhh Diane
    I'm sure your own angel traits and your gorgeous boys will ensure that you have a wonderfully happy Christmas and holiday season ....we can't have the good without the bad it seems ...

    I know my Christmas will have it's sad moments without my Dad (5 years now) goes on though doesn't it :)

  • Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' 24.12.07

    choo! choo! wait, I really hope that's the train sound. Or is it "woo woo?" lol... you know what I mean!


  • Kim 24.12.07

    LOL Jay
    I know what you mean :)))
    Merry Christmas to you !!!

  • Netster23 25.12.07

    Merry Christmas dearest, you have received a postcard from me :)

  • Loz 25.12.07

    As Christmas Day draws to a close may I hope you and your family had a great one Kim

  • Kim 26.12.07

    thank you Netster
    have a wonderful Christmas Day :)

    hi Loz
    thank you...
    Christmas and Boxing Day Greetings to you and your family :)

  • Mauigirl 27.12.07

    Happy holidays, Kim!

  • Kim 27.12.07

    thanks Maui Girl...
    Happy Holidays and New Year fun to you too :)

  • Anonymous 28.12.07

    Hi Kim,

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, warm and pure as your heart. And for the year to come I wish you all the blessings you can count and more!


  • One Wacky Mom 28.12.07

    Linky choo choo Kim! Happy and merry holidays to you my friend.

  • Kim 28.12.07

    thank you Mig
    and thanks so much for the lovely Christmas poem
    may all your New Year Wishes come true :)

    thank you Ev
    you're welcome to jump aboard the choo choo train :)
    have a sensational New Year !

  • KML 28.12.07

    Hope you and your family had a great Christmas, Kim

    Happy New Year to you!!


  • Kim 28.12.07

    thanks Kathy
    and a very happy New Year to you and your family...
    xxx Kim

  • Anonymous 31.12.07

    And a Happy New Year from the Great Sandy Desert, Kim. Thank you for the Christmas link :)

  • Kim 2.1.08

    and a Happy New Year to you too Archie !!
    hope that Great Sandy Desert weather is not too hot for you :)

  • Anonymous 2.1.08

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year too you and your family!

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