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The future belongs....

12 December 2007 29 comments

The future belongsNetster tagged me to list 8 random facts about me so here are 10:

1. I can count the friends who really love me on one hand
2. I eat 3 meals a day..and breakfast is my favourite meal
3. I love to learn something new every day
4. I paint or look at artists' work every day
5. I talk to my Mum by phone every day
6. I talk to God and my Dad every night
7. I usually go to bed at the same time (12pm) and
wake up at the same time (7am)
8. I do not paint for money
9. I try to drink 8 glasses of water every day
10. I attempt to walk on the beach every day....

I am tagging:

1. Colin @ Life.....for being so Colin
2. Mary Ann @ Maryannaville....for being a Child of the Universe
3. Eric @ Speedcat Hollydale Page for posting the funniest self portraits that I have ever seen
4. Ev @ My Life is Murphy's Law for being so stylish
6. Jos @ NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection) for being so obtuse mysterious...I still can't work out the title of her his blog
7. Debbie @ New England Lighthouse Blog for being such a great help with the new comment system at Blogger

The Rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List EIGHT random facts about yourself.
3. Tag EIGHT people at the end of your post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

digital art
Andre Kutscherauer
3D Art Portfolio of Andre Kutscherauer
#4 on
Top 100 Chart @

I was also tagged by the very scintillating Archie...
to list seven weird things about me...
so here goes.....

1. I have ESP...
2. Most of my paintings are painted upside down but drawn the right way up
3. I love the smell of turps and coffee
4. I have a fear of telephones and aeroplanes
5. I once had a darkroom where I spent most of my waking hours
6. My sense of humour can be weird at times
7. I haven't bought a pair of shoes in the last 10 months

I am leaving this tag open for anyone who wishes ....
though I'm sure the
Elf, Santa, and Purple Frog Cat....could come up with some weird and wonderful facts.

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29 comments: to “ The future belongs.... so far...

  • Netster23 12.12.07

    Wow! "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" so meaningful I love it!

    you talk to your mom, dad & god every day... I talk about my work every day and i forgot the 3 things you do! gosh, 2008, I must change!

    change, change, change....

    Cheers thanks for completing the tag.

    hug hug :)

  • Anonymous 12.12.07

    Hey I like being thought of as being 'a Child of the Universe, thank you!'
    I've been called many things but I've not ever been called a Child of the Universe. ~:o)

    I'm stealing the jpg, btw. I'm going to use it in my post when I blame it all on you.

  • Diane 12.12.07

    You have ESP....

    ....I knew you were going to say that :)


  • Jos 12.12.07

    Hi Kim,

    Hmm, you really think I am "obtuse"?


    In my dictionnairy (Merriam-Webster; I had to check, I didn't know the word; I am not a native English speaker) obtuse means:

    "1. not pointed or acute : blunt - (of an angle)
    2. a: lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility or intellect : insensitive, stupid
    2. b: difficult to comprehend : not clear or precise in thought or expression"

    Thanks Kim! I sure do hope I didn't come across as blunt, or stupid or unclear all of the time :)

    btw: you wrote "...her blog". (but - yes - I am a guy :(


  • Kim 12.12.07

    you're welcome Netster
    I have the plaque hanging in my kitchen...and it's my daily affirmation :)

    Hi MA
    haha blame it all on me.....
    I'll be looking forward to reading it :)

    ah yes Diane
    I knew that you were going to say that you knew I had ESP ;)

    oh dear Jos
    I meant "obtuse" in the best possible referring to the title of your blog...
    I will refer to this article to explain how I see the meaning of "obtuse"
    Homer was "obtuse" in his behavior, in ways which remind me of John Ciardi's comment about poetry, "There is duplicity at work. The poet pretends to be talking about one thing, and all the while he is talking about many others."
    and "obtuse" as in comparing to angle....direction....unclear.....
    I'm sorry for thinking you were a "her"....thanks for clarifying that for me :)
    gosh I am "obtuse" aren't I ??? :)...and this comment/ certainly becoming more and more obtuse...with each word I write...
    ah the power of words.....
    they cannot be underestimated can they....
    you wouldn't think that English is my native language after reading this would you .....
    and if you can translate my waffling on ...then you are a better person than I ...
    simply put.....I apologise for my unintentional irony (where a statement or situation implies both a superficial and a concealed meaning which are at odds with each other.)
    I think I'll stop now before I really put my foot in it !!!

  • Anonymous 12.12.07

    hey MA
    I see you name is linking back to your profile...
    mine is working through myopenid....if you have time check out 'myopenid'....

  • Anonymous 12.12.07

    Hi Kim,
    MA tagged me it's me myself and I again!
    You tagged me for being 'so Colin' and MA because 'Colin because he is always Colin'....I think I have a multiple personality disorder approaching....hand on just overtook me LOL
    Have a great day and will post this when I have a moment or three in the next few days :)


  • Anonymous 12.12.07

    Hi Kim,

    Hmmm... A ESP 8 tag?

    Look into my Crystal 8 Ball and see all my 8s at my Blog.

    What are the odds of being Double Tagged and Double Teamed in the same week?

    I hope my post completes your Blogger assignment, too? :)

  • Anonymous 12.12.07

    Colin mentioned himself as being 'me, myself, and I, therefore, according to my math skills, Colin has room for one more meme.

    Whatcha think, Toots?

  • Anonymous 12.12.07

    oops MA!
    I meant your !

    LOL myself and eye :)
    and a typo on hand ?
    or am I just being ridiculously ambiguous today....
    *clappies* to you for being my first Wordpress Reader to get the OPENID working.....
    I have dubbed thee clever Colin!!!!

    ah so you have a crystal ball Debbie....
    can you tell me if I will make any more faux pas today ?
    I will investigate your enigmatic post :0
    I think my mind has been muddled by the OPENID saga :)

  • Anonymous 12.12.07

    Girlfriend, look at me go!

    Heck, read the instructions? Not me, that's too simple, right?

    Got 'er done, Chicklet
    I hadn't filled out the whole information thingy up till now. Doh!

  • Kim 12.12.07

    hey MA...
    break out the bubbly....hoorrrrayyyy!
    she's got it ....she's got it ....
    I agree what's the point of reading when you can just follow your nose and still get there in the end.....
    I'm bringing the glasses over now ......

  • Lynda Lehmann 12.12.07

    Strangely, Kim, your 10 facts all fit me to a "T", even the water drinking. And I walk on steep hills instead of the beach, but I do walk every day.

    And, I have that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt taped on my little scrap paper caddy! (I even used to have it quoted on my web sites! A little bit of synchronicity for the psychic to ponder...)

    How are we going to get you over your fear of airplanes, so you can go to Italy? :-)

  • Kim 12.12.07

    haha Lynda
    I have a feeling that I'm not going to hear the end of the Italy trip :)
    steep're a hardier gal than me.....:0

  • Kim 12.12.07

    hey tootsie...
    I'm with you !!!
    I think Colin deserves an award for being the first wordpress blogger to crack the openid code....
    what do you think???

  • Anonymous 12.12.07

    By Golly Ollie, I think you're onto something.

    Yessssss, Colin needs an award for cracking OpenID on WordPress.

    Let's make it a mission to see to it that he gets an award for it, ^5!

    Colin needs another award, by cracky.

  • Kim 12.12.07

    haha ^5 ;)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 12.12.07

    Thanks for including me Kim! I am one of the "odd" and love to do these tags / memes. The key is to put a personal twist on them. I'll try and whip up something special for you!
    You have a wonderful lists. Of course, I am partial to #6 on the "random facts". Very important :)

    I am glad that I don't have a fear of phones, as mine is always in my back pocket. No bold print on that one...

    Have a super day! - Speedy

  • Kim 12.12.07

    hey Eric... my calm time of the day....and you're spot on ...very important :)
    very handy ...the back pocket...I don't have a mobile haha...
    the computer is enough technology for me to deal with !!!
    I'm looking forward to reading your meme with a twist...hehe...
    you and Colin should get together and start a meme/award blog...
    what a combo !!!

  • Netster23 12.12.07


    You are so funny heheheh

    actually I have ringing tone phobia LOL i normally kept my phone in silent mode :)

    the ringing thingy really annoy me hahahah this only happen few months back.


  • Anonymous 12.12.07

    Hi Kim, thanks for explaining, but "no worries"!! :)

    I DID get your irony, lol! I knew you didn't mean to imply I am "blunt, insensitive or lacking preciseness in thought". Actually, I was only playing a bit with the word 'obtuse' in an equally ironic way ;P.
    That's why I said "Thanks, Kim!

    As for the "her/him" confusion: actually, I am kinda proud of that a woman like yourself thinks I am a woman..

    The name of my blog.. well that is a real mistery :) - even to me

    Thanks for the Tag

  • One Wacky Mom 12.12.07

    Kim my dear, am I obtuse? And don't you know that I too have ESP? Or I should say am psychic. Funny we have the same conversations with the same people...

    Course in my case, I'm talking to the dead and God! No wonder you tagged me. I refer to it as the sixth dimension or sixth sense my friend! Many just don't pay enough attention to their sixth sense.

    And I'd say we have the same priorities!

  • Kim 13.12.07

    hey Netster
    I don't like the sound of a phone ringing either :)

    oooh no Jos...
    I never meant to imply that you were "blunt, insensitive or lacking preciseness in thought".....:)

    I have a feeling you may remind me of my gaffe from time to time though :)

    and maybe me thinking that you were a woman is because you are probably a S.N.A.G. (sensitive new age guy)....

    oh no Ev...
    I wouldn't think of you as being "obtuse" either :)
    I have banned the word from my vocabulary!
    I know you are psychic because I didn't even have to tell you that you were tagged.....

    and my real Dad....(not the Bob Barker Dad.....).......has talked to me in my dreams......nothing like the lengthy conversations that you have wth your Dad though !!

  • Anonymous 13.12.07

    Kim, I am so happy with your latest comment on my blog...
    Thank you for recognizing that connection between those two posts. To me that proves you have the mind of an artist.. A message not necessarily written "in the same layer" - it is that kind of 'obtusity' that I am after, from time to time ;)

    not so sure about the s.n.a.g., though -- I'll confess to trying to be a s.g.

  • Kim 13.12.07

    hey Jos...
    s.g. that sounds good to me....
    and it is nice when the communication doesn't get lost in the translation....

    I really think blogging is invaluable when it comes to making connections (no matter how "obtuse" they may seem to be) couldn't help myself...
    have a great day.....

    ps... this open ID is great for clicking back to blogs instead of going through the profile ....

  • Anonymous 15.12.07

    You are one of the smartest and wittiest people out there and you really can be "out there" you made great choices as you passed on the awards...the best of luck Kim and the Merriest of Christmases..

  • Kim 15.12.07

    thanks Maunie :0
    and the happiest of Christmases to you and your family too :)

  • Seeker 15.3.08

    Nice article. So you are a psychic?

  • Anonymous 15.1.09

    Nice.... no better way to put it... its all about believing in the end... about being ready....and being sure...

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