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Portrait of Tamika

3 December 2007 27 comments

Portrait of Tamika
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
1m x 75cm
Value $3,000


on the wall

Tamika was the winner of the Mystery Prize (Melbourne Cup Day)
She is also my niece......
Reference: photo (taken by me) and life
Click on the images to enlarge

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27 comments: to “ Portrait of Tamika so far...

  • Lynda Lehmann 3.12.07

    Kim, this is just gorgeous! I love the brushwork and how you have portrayed her--I see innocence and youthful optimism here, a very strong and powerful portrait!

  • Anonymous 3.12.07

    Simply wonderful, clean, natrual and well done Kim.

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead.

  • Diane 3.12.07

    Exquisite, Kim, what a pretty girl and an gorgeous portrait - as usual :)

    Your talent never ceases to impress.

    Diane@Much of a muchness

  • Anonymous 3.12.07

    That is beautiful Kim. You niece is very lucky. I love your portraits.

  • Lynda 3.12.07

    you are indeed, gifted beyond usual talent. you seem to be able to capture a persons inner being and that is indescribable... absolute perfection from shadow to light, from stroke to smudge, absolute delight... bless you...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 3.12.07

    I have never been able to capture someone with an artistic eye. You seem to do it with ease. For the "rest" of us, work like this is simply amazing.

  • Kim 3.12.07

    thanks Linda :)
    lovely critique :)
    Tamika's portrait was one of those portraits where everything went smoothly...partly due to the quality of the oils and a new medium that I'm trying out...

    many thanks for your descriptive critique Renny :)
    you do so well with English as your other language... a wonderful week to you too !!!

    thanks Diane
    I was very fortunate to take some great photos with excellent lighting....
    ah I see you really have the hang of the signature thingy too....very clever :)

    thanks Cooper...
    I will be starting one of Tamika's sister soon so I will be looking at the two portraits complimenting each other :)

    thankyou Lyn
    for your touching critique...
    I have to say that I'm very pleased with the outcome :)
    have a delightful day...

    thanks Eric :)
    haha the secret is lots of practice
    and for the record....I could never produce an illustration like you did of that truck using keyboard symbols :P

  • Anonymous 3.12.07

    Fantastic yob, Auntie Kim!

    How is it that I didn't connect the dots that Tamika is your niece? :*(

    She's absolutely gorgeous...

  • Anonymous 4.12.07

    She looks beautiful, another great portrait Kim. I am in awe of your talent. Talking of joining the dots, Saboma, that is about my level of drawing ability.

  • Anonymous 4.12.07

    What can I say that hasn't already been said!
    It looks so clean and crisp, and captures a real depth, even down to a twinkle in the eye....superb my friend :)


  • jafabrit 4.12.07

    I love black and white portraits, so naturally I am going to like this one. It is just lovely and I like that you show it on the wall. thanks for adding me to the link. I will add yours tomorrow :)

  • Kim 4.12.07

    thanks MA..
    ummmm maybe I'll have to make the text larger....or maybe I hadn't mentioned it before :D

    thanks Sue...
    have you read the latest news on blogger commenting....links at the top of this post...

    ah yes Colin...
    I was very happy with the "twinkle" in her eye....
    the lighting that day was superb :)

    hi Jafabrit
    thanks...I'm rather partial to greyscale at the some ways a lot simpler than colour values...
    thanks for your offer to add me too :)

  • The Barker Boys 4.12.07

    Hi Kim, This is great you have done a wonderful job!!! You have captured Tami to a T!!
    B xxx

  • The Barker Boys 4.12.07

    Thank you Aunty Kim, it looks great!!! I love it!!
    Love Tami xxxx

  • The Barker Boys 4.12.07

    Hi Aunty Kim, It looks really really good!!! Can't wait for you to do mine :)
    Love Riss xxx

  • Sueblimely 4.12.07

    I am really glad to hear that although I wonder if it will solve the problem - openid is just a way of identifying yourself - don't think there is a public profile attached to it so not sure if links will be made back to non blogger blogs.

  • Kim 4.12.07

    haha Barker Girls.....
    thanks for your unanimous responses :)
    Bianca....glad you like and you would know being her Mum :)x
    Tami was a pleasure....and I'm wondering when your Mum is going to get some modelling jobs for you :)x
    Riss....I'm sure your portrait is going to be a winner and you will make a stunning subject....x
    xxx to Tahlia and Uncle Jeffy too :)

    hi Sue
    I know quite a few bloggers on blogspot have already launched this in draft I will try it out with my Wordpress A/C when I have a spare minute....

  • Anonymous 4.12.07

    Hii this is Maddy from india. Don't you think of using of Photoshop cs3 for some artistic..coolness..or you did some...Anycase its really adoreable..

  • Kim 4.12.07

    thanks Maddy
    I don't have photoshop cs3....but my son has it on his computer...thanks for the tip :)
    I'll check it out...

  • Unknown 5.12.07

    I am in awe of your talent, Kim. I don't even have to confidence to do photographic portraits :)

    Oh, and the new ID thingo makes it pretty difficult for me to post a link-back on my comment - all I can be is a nonnymouse or a nicked name :) I'm a nicked name.

  • Netster23 5.12.07

    Hello Kim,

    Thanks for your visit. wow! you got a good hand :)

    Eric is good with the keyboard symbols eh? hahahahaha

    Cheers & hugs

  • Kim 5.12.07

    thanks Archie..
    I will be launching the new commenting system today....fingers x that it goes smoothly...
    "a nonnymouse or a nicked name"

    hi Netster
    thanks....yeah....Eric came up with a very clever will have to check out his archives :)

  • Anonymous 5.12.07

    Marvelous really wonderful. I think it is a great piece of art.

  • Kim 6.12.07

    thanks Garden Office :)

  • BoydGreeneArt 9.12.07

    Incredible portrait Kim. No one does it better than you. A very beautiful likeness and a story well told. I feel as though I know her you did the painting so well. Amazing!

  • Kim 10.12.07

    thanks very much Boyd...
    I'm looking forward to painting her sister Marissa too :)

  • Anonymous 1.7.08

    I was just browsing through your old posts and this portrait is amazing! I love that you used various shading all throughout the canvas. I wish I had your talent at painting people.

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