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14 days to Win a Free Portrait for Christmas !!!!

7 December 2007 24 comments

5 Days Left !!!!
16th December

you can send your entries directly to here

Photo of Tamika - 2006

Extended to the 21st December !!!
Here's what you need to do to win a portrait of your choice......

Portrait of Kelly
step 1

Enter Santa's competition called Christmas Past...
Santa' Elf Club Blog.

Email your photo and details to Santa
don't forget to get all your friends to comment on your entry at Santa's blog

Portrait of Tamika
step 2
Pop back over here to tell me in 100 words or less your choice for the ...yourself...grandma....your child....great aunt Betty ....Fluffy the cat...etc...and why you deserve to win........
you need to post your blurb in the comments section of this post or
here to be eligible...
note... the free portrait (a drawing) is for one subject only (valued at $400)

Alexander - a Work in Progressstep 3
The judge (TBA) will choose the winning entry at Santas and the best story here.....
The winner will be announced on 21st December...
So start getting out your photos of Christmas Past (or stories)and let me know who you are going to choose for your free portrait......

UPDATE: 15th December
I am posting the latest entries here as Santa seems to be having problems uploading the photos at The Elf Club.....
All comments/votes are welcome here....

Free Portrait for Christmas Entry submitted by Kimmy at Purple Frog Cat

Entry submitted by Mim at Auntie Mim's

Kim's signature

Ev Kimmy Debbie Anandi Lynda Deborah Boyd Renny Netster Mim Care Bear Kids

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24 comments: to “ 14 days to Win a Free Portrait for Christmas !!!! so far...

  • One Wacky Mom 6.12.07

    I cannot believe it....I'm the first one to comment here? Really? HOlyfreakinggeesupeets. Now that is amazing. Kim my friend, I'm going to try to do this. If I can do all those steps. I don't know if I can put all those steps in my life. Let me think about it.

    Your son is SOOOOOOOOOOO handsome my friend. I'm sure he's as beautiful inside and he is outside. You are blessed!

  • Kim 7.12.07

    haha ...
    that was fast....
    the white rabbit is first !!! *clappies*

    it's only 3 little steps and you have 14 days ...which means you have a week to do step 1
    and a week to do step 2 :)
    and you are a writer :)
    step 3 is the announcement of the winner...

    thanks Ev...he is...I'm his Mum so I think so too haha
    Alexander will be 18 at the end of the month so I hope to have his portrait finished.... :0

  • Debbie Dolphin 7.12.07

    Love to enter your Portrait Contest, but my husband can't afford a new digital camera every time my mug shot breaks his memory chip!

    I am sure the lucky winner will cherish a Portrait drawn by you!

  • Kim 7.12.07

    haha Debbie...
    your avatar pic looks fine to me :)...
    I'm sure your "mug" wouldn't break the camera....
    ok I think I have got the hang of the open ID....coming over to test it out :)

  • Unknown 7.12.07

    i sent the picture weeks might have to ask him about it...

  • Kim 7.12.07

    I will Kimmy :)

  • Anonymous 7.12.07

    You're right, my mug is just Camera Shy!

    And, my fins would cover my eyes!

  • anandi 7.12.07

    Thanks for the appreciation!!
    I am interested in getting into the list. It would be my pleasure and thanks once again. I have set some day for that Natalie portrait. I'll complete it that day.

  • Kim 7.12.07

    that's great Anandi....
    I will put your blog in the new listings....
    thanks for dropping by :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 8.12.07

    Kim, I would love to win one of your beautiful portraits, but I can't tell you why I would deserve one!

    And alas, I am also camera-shy and my husband does not like to hold a camera in his hand!

  • Anonymous 8.12.07

    well Lynda
    I can think of a few reasons....
    your avatar pic looks great to me ...
    lol ...
    hubby won't pick up a camera and you are a photographer :)
    I understand.. ;)

  • Anonymous 8.12.07

    Fabooo photo of Alexander Kim. Such a gorgeous guy, and a chip off the block from his mother :-)

    As a very proud owner of one of your magnificent portrait paintings, I'd just like everyone to know that these photos do not do justice for Kim's work. You have to see them in person to realize their true beauty and Kim's amazing talent.

    Good luck to all!

  • Anonymous 9.12.07

    Just here to check the Portraits and they are great - your such a creative artist.

    Then: I try this OpenID for the first time - hope it'll work :-)

    Wishing you a great end to your week too!

    PS: OpenID did not work, so I'll try again!

  • BoydGreeneArt 9.12.07

    Great contest Kim. Your portraits are phenomenal!

  • Netster23 10.12.07


    I have to tag you hahahah


  • Anonymous 10.12.07

    thanks so much Deborah...
    and ta for the stumble and reviews.... :=X

    thanks Renny and good luck with the openid ...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

    thank you Boyd
    happy painting to you :)

    hi Netster....
    thanks will check it out :)

  • Mim 11.12.07

    Hi - I submitted my picture but now realize that it's for one subject on so will submit again. But it's interesing - I submitted a picture of my mom and me and I can't imagine that my experience of christmas would even exist without mom. Mom was brought up in a strictly Jewish family but married an Italian Catholic and was pretty brave to do so! Her family was NOT happy with that marriage and always let us know that we were second citizens. We soldiered on tho' and didn't let that negativism get us down. We stayed away from celebrating Christmas except for one year when I was about 6 when we put up a tiny tree and got presents the next morning. My mom was certainly brave to do this within a strict Jewish family and while I pretended that Santa brought the presents, in my heart I knew it was Mom and Dad who decided that we should experience Christmas at least once. I'll never forget that experience, it stands out in my mind as a shining moment of joy in a rather disapproving environment.
    I had a happy childhood but that one Christmas was very very special to me, I'll never forget it.

  • Kim 11.12.07

    A very poignant story Mim....
    You're Mum certainly was very brave...
    it's ok to submit the photo of you and your Mum to Santa....
    don't forget to ask your friends to comment on your photo over at Santa's place....
    if you win then you can submit another photo to me with your choice.....your story about your Christmas with your Mum and lovely and you don't need to submit again :)

  • Anonymous 11.12.07

    This would make for a great gift for someone!! Those portraits are just beautiful!

    Care Bear Kids

  • Kim 11.12.07

    thanks Care Bear Kids...
    perhaps you should consider entering the competition :)

  • Anonymous 16.12.07

    HURRRAH!!!! I comment for Kim!

  • Kim 17.12.07

    hi Walter
    your vote has been counted !!

  • Kerstin Klein 17.12.07

    I vote for Mim. Wonderfu story and I admire your mom. :)

  • Kim 17.12.07

    thanks for your vote Ksklein :)

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